Pop Culture Character Alignment

Rorschach is Chaotic Good? I guess so, but it's so hard to assign to assign goodness to his actions though I suppose he did think what he was doing was for a greater good.

Not sure who pulled together this character alignment chart, though I found it at Agent M Loves Tacos by way of @ToplessRobot.
I blame my Uncle Jeff for the fact that I understood it.

Top row: John Locke [Lost], Dwight [Sin City], Rorschach [Watchment]
Middle row: Indiana Jones, Niko Bellic [GTA4], Tyler Durden [Fight Club]
Bottom row: Darth Vader, Anton Chigurh [No Country for Old Men], Joker

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  1. Rorschach was absolutely a good guy. He roughed people up, but they were the bad guys.

    Would you be more inclined to call Nite-Owl a good guy because he was more gentle with bad guys, and then helped irradiate half of NYC?

  2. I suppose Chaotic Good is a good as he can be.

  3. There is perhaps one protagonist in the GTA series that I would call neutral. They did not pick that one.