Kirk Cameron's Last Supper

Kirk Cameron as Jesus? With his evangelical anti-Darwin campaign, he certainly needs to get down from the cross.

I don't know why Mike's (Kirk Cameron) Judas would be played by his brother Ben. I would have figured it would have been Leonardo DiCaprio's Luke who came in as the cute, new kid and has had a slightly more successful career.

The cast of Growing Pain's Last Supper is from Funny or Die's Kirk Cameron Action Kit. (Many thanks for the tip to Paul at Aurora Walking Vacation)

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  1. Ben is the PERFECT Judas. On Growing Pains Ben was always the one getting Mike into trouble, first gaining his trust to find out what Mike was up to and then going and spilling the beans to the parents to get Mike into trouble. The only person who could have made a better Judas would have been Mike's sister. ;)

  2. I defer to your clearly superior Growing Pains knowledge, as I do for most things TV. So when are we going to work on a Lost Last Supper?