Twilight: Interview With The Non-Vampire

Twilight New Moon - Interview With Non-Vampires

I joined the Twihards at the Toronto premiere of Twilight: New Moon last night and, as you can hear from the screaming in the video, the audience was made up of mostly hormone-surging girls and women. And that was just for two minor characters (Bella's day Charlie, played by Billy Burke and her school chum Eric, played by Justin Chon. The pair clearly drew the short straws for who had to come to the American Express sponsored event. You threw a good party AmEx, but those guys were B-O-R-E-D.

Despite that, my Twilight knowledge is now slightly higher. I know that vampires sparkle in the sun, for some reason, though it appears to be a voluntary thing. I also know that werewolves are made out of chiseled marble disguised as muscle when in human form. What I don't know is why these mythological creatures have any interest in the personality-free Bella, but maybe that was explained in the first movie.

The bonus of the premiere was a mini-show by UK trio Band of Skulls, who rocked out in a too-bright room surrounded by high-heeled women sipping red wine. Odd.

I Know What I Am - Band of Skulls

They played five songs but I only recorded I Know What I Am and Patterns before my arm got tired. I am nothing if not professional.

Patterns - Band of Skulls

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