Toy Story vs...

Toy Story vs The Dark Knight
A good trailer recut manages to blend elements from the audio and video of its movies to create something new and unexpected. It's been awhile since I've seen one that has managed to get it right, but this recut of The Dark Night and Toy Story 2 nailed it, right down to synching up the lips and voices. Plus they cast Woody as the Joker (congrats on the posthumous Golden Globe win, Heath).

Toy Story vs Pulp Fiction
There's something about Toy Story that lends itself to recuts. Perhaps it is the digital nature of the films. While this one misses on the lip movements, it more than makes up for it with pure style.

300 Toys
When you think about it, there really is a lot of action in the Toy Story films. Toys! Tonight we dine in Hell!

Toy Story: The Horror
Miles Mungo recut Toy Story into a wonderfully creepy horror of his own making. This one would give kids nightmares.

Toy Story 2 vs Watchmen
And the Toy Story mashup continues into the future.

Toy Story 2 vs Requiem for a Dream
Of course the best Toy Story recut ever is this mashup with Requiem for a Dream. Talk about changing the original tone and intent of a film! Pure brilliance.


  1. Loved Toy Story vs. The Dark Knight. It ranks right up there with Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" combined with appropriate scenes from Star Trek as one of my favourite mash ups.

  2. There really is an art to it. Next time the Oscars wants to explain how the technical awards work, they need to use these kinds of recuts as examples. Now I really understand the impact of editing, score, etc.