Dr. Manhattan: Better Blue Than Red

The hype for the Watchmen is likely to ramp up, especially as it appears Fox and Warner have stopped squabbling over the film and settled things while I was away the way the do in Hollywood — with a giant dump truck full of cash.

I've not posted about the Watchmen before as I've only recently finished reading it for the first time. I felt I was missing a piece of pop culture cred without this under my belt, so I decided to tackle it before the March release date. If I can't get out to many movies, I might as well read the inspirations. That and I've discovered I have a growing taste for comics and animation.

Now that I have read — and loved — the intertwined, three-pronged plot line, I wonder how a movie will manage to pull it off. I imagine that a lot of the background and pirate side story will have to be excised to get down to the main story. Still, all the trailers I've seen have nailed the look of the book dead on and the ancillary material is doing a great job at expanding the Watchman universe. Maybe that's how they will put together the whole story — multimedia tied to the film itself. I'm starting to get excited.

Via Ampersand


  1. Watchmen is THE movie I want to see this year. And it comes just in time for my birthday!

  2. Well, happy early birthday to you - good thing they settled that lawsuit.