Superuseless Superpowers

13th Bullet Bulletproof
Your skin turns to Kevlar... eventually.

In-flight Flight
You can fly, but only while the plane you're on is in the air.
More pointless abilities from Superuseless Superpowers

(Link via Information Nation)

And in a related note (it's funny how things group themselves togather) the Globe and Mail ran a piece on Super Joes: about "real-life superheroes are donning costumes and prowling their streets, looking to fight crime - or at least shovel a senior's walk."

There are quite a number of caped crusaders out there, and while most appear to be philanthropists with a penchant for Halloween, there are a few of them who clearly have a Watchmen fetish.

They even have a pseudo Justice League, called the World Superhero Registry. Through most of them have MySpace pages, which I think should disqualify them immediately.

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