Time For A Commercial Break

Normally I'd make a snarky, holier-than-thou remark about how folks who upload these video nuggets need a hobby, but as a viewer who's spent an untold amount of time viewing these vintage jewels, I clearly have more time on my hands than they do. Que sera. It got me through the prime time void known as The Bachelor. I will be forever prostrate in the presence of these video archivists for allowing me to elude Jason Mesnick and for permitting me a skip down techo-memory lane. And what a skip it was. And, yes, I was alive for all of these innovations. Save for the dial telephone. That was only a couple of years before my time.

Alan Greenspan and the Apple II C...cutting edge and prescient!

Apple Newton - The possibilities are limitless...you can beam things to other people! And it's only the size of Encyclopedia Brittanica!

How To Use A Telephone! Remember...until Saturday midnight please use your present directory and make your calls in the usual manner!

Oh, House, just press the button!

Imagine! Stereo and video!

Yes, there was a time when folks used these now-overlooked relics. Today I needn't worry about whether a payphone was in proper working order, though, because I'd have to be bleeding from every orifice before I'd use one of the germ infested things.

The greatest invention since colour television itself! And it has all seven functions! And superb cabinetry! Gee! What more could a gal ask for?!

Mmmmmm...cryogenic corn!

In case you've had too much of that Pillsbury good popcorn!

You can shop at the electronic mall!

Welcome aboard! Complete absence of vibration! The travail truly has been taken out of travel...

A steak?! In coach?! That'd never happen today...

Costner? A dog? At work? You are so outside the box, man.

Have I ever attended a meeting...in my bare feet? Well, yes. Yes, I have. Course I got a rather curt email from HR and a pack of OdorEaters, but that's an entirely different story for an entirely different post.

Oh, Crying Indian, how we love thee. As a child of the '70s, I could only end with you.

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