Fast Food Kills

Meet the Fast Food Mafia: Ron 'The Don' McDonald, 'The Colonel' Sanders, "Little" Caesar, 'Wendy' Gwendolen, B.K. 'The King'. You could almost envision it if health concerns drove junk food underground. Anytime you prohibit something, it creates a black market. From pop artist Andrew Shirey. (Link via The Daily What)

Now it turns out that yesterday was National Junk Food Day and I missed it. Lucky for me I ended up celebrating it anyhow. But Listicles was paying attention and pulled together 20 Pieces of Junk Food Art. These are a couple of my favourites.

Fast Food Kills, from pop artist Steven Smith

Junk Food Vertumnus from Andy Council. I guess you are what you eat. Shudder.

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  1. I love these images! If you are interested, I am exploring similar themes (to do with diet and obesity) in my artwork. You are welcome to take a look at my website if you like :)
    Amiria Gale (New Zealand artist)