FOBulosity - Don't Be Dull, Be Dazzling!

Months ago I started hearing these murmurs that a coworker of mine, Michael, had pimped his work FOB. Lo and behold, it wasn't a sick urban legend like toothpaste will get rid of that hickey before your Mother sees it. Nope. Seems Michael was a touch bored one evening, took a look at his forlorn FOB and decided to make use of his wife's jewellery making tools. And the result was nothing short of magical. This bedazzled bijou would be the envy of magpies from Mariah to Ms. Kimora Lee. It is nothing short of genius. I mean, my naked ass FOB sighed and rolled over in its presence. I swear it dug itself farther into my back pocket out of sheer mortification. Sadly, Michael has decided to move on from the company and he will be forced to relinquish his opus as part of protocol. The horror! It is time we rise up in the face of bureaucracy and free the Art of the Mundane! I'm campaigning for a hall of fame, bitches. Or at least a neatly framed nod in one of our board rooms. Who's with me?

Course I'd be totally remiss if I didn't give a shout out to the original, the one who started it all, The Bedazzler!

And to Tana Goertz from Season of 3 The Apprentice - she made a living with The Bedazzler! Now that's a winner!

She's even in Spanish! Fabuloso!

Pamela Westoby guesting and ghosting while Barker cottages. And has forgotten all about work. And work FOBs. If you like this, you might just like my book Hoyden and my flickr!

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  1. You do make your own fun, Ms. Westoby. So, how did you get into the door when you were living in the '20s, or was the office a modern bubble?