Stitch Wars

A long stitch ago in a Gallery not so far, far away, an alliance of crafty rebel artists was formed to honor the epic fantasy world of Star Wars. Wielding mighty tools of knitting and crochet, cutting through the great expanse of felt, these daring individuals used their handmade patterns of survival to restore freedom to the galaxy. Beginning July 18th, their Jedi mind tricks will bedazzle you and sway your thoughts to the Dark side of the Art World. May their farce be with you.

Here are just a few of the pieces that amused me. Be sure to check out the whole show.

Jawa Group
Artist: Cutesypoo

Sarlacc Pitlow Monster
Artist: Scrumptious Delight

Scary Wampa
Artist: Denn Rodriguez

It's a Clock!
Artist: Rosemary Travale

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