Terrible News, Everyone!

How does FOX manage to turn a great idea into a shit hole with such ease? When it was confirmed last month that Futurama was being revived for a 26-episode run, I was thrilled. Yay, buying the (truth be told, kinda boring) straight-to-DVD movies worked. Bender would return to his insulting, pimping, boozing self and the show could get back to its incisive, hilarious satire of modern life, technology and sci-fi.

The show would look the same, the cast was already excited about returning and, if they could get back some of the key writing staff, it would be like it never left.

Well bite my shiny metal ass if they didn't find a way to screw it up. Forces of Geek is reporting that FOX has sent out a casting notice, looking to replace actors John DiMaggio (Bender), Billy West (Fry, Prof Farnsworth, Zoidberg) Katy Sagal (Turanga Leela) and the rest of the cast.

WTF?! What kind of cheap stunt is this? I can only hope this isn't true, but if it is, it would put me off the show entirely. I will not watch/purchase/reccomend the new Futurama if they treat the cast, and fans, like this. Hopefully they will reconsider.

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  1. That is horrible news. Why recast a show that doesn't need recasting? Futurama was nearly perfect as is. Unless a cast member has decided he or she want to quit the show or has died, why recast it?

  2. Mercurie, new actors are much cheaper than established ones.

  3. Yep, Variety is reporting that it is a salary dispute: http://is.gd/1CxGU
    Essentially they are trying to slash costs and sticking it to the talent to do so. I think it's a mistake as they will come up against a fan backlash and fans are the only reason the show is coming back.

  4. Since I read and responded to this news at Forces of Geek, I thought occurred to me. Perhaps this is a bargaining chip against the original actors to try to get them to lower their collective price.

    I honestly don't think Fox will truly hire a new crew... but then again, I've been wrong about them before.

  5. You're probably right, MC, it mostly likely is a negotiating tactic. I hope it fails as I can't bear the thought of them changing the voice cast.