Sweet Zombie Jesus, Futurama Lives!

Good news, everybody! An insider has told Collider that Futurama has been given a 13-episode order by Comedy Central. It's just a rumour so far, but sweet Zombie Jesus that would be amazing news!

Futurama was cancelled well before its time and the direct-to-DVD movies have been a bit of a disappointment, as I had assumed they might be, I still bought them with the hopes this might happen. With new episodes the show could stop trying to please everyone by putting in something for everyone.

But if they can reassemble the voice cast and pull in some of the key writers, we could have a winner. Of course, you never know with network execubots:
Network President: Greetings, gentlemen. You already know my Execubots: Executive Alpha, programmed to like things it has seen before.
Alphabot: Hey, hey, hey.
Network President: Executive Beta, programmed to roll dice to determine the fall schedule.
[Betabot rolls two dice.]
Betabot: More reality shows.
Network President: And Executive Gamma, programmed to underestimate middle America.
Gammabot: It's funny but is it going to get them off their tractors?
[The president plays a clip of Bender dancing on his screen.]
Network President: Now, who put this obnoxious, dancing robot on my network?
Update: It has been confirmed that Fox is indeed reviving Futurama, with a 26-episode run. Said Matt Groening: "We’re thrilled Futurama is coming back. We now have only 25,766 episodes to make before we catch up with Bender and Fry in the year 3000." Good news, indeed.

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  1. Scruffy believes in that show. *sprays you with ink before running off like Curly*