FMyLife: Greek Mythology

I've been really busy. I solved the riddle of the Sphinx, gained entrance to the city of Thebes, killed the king and took his place, and then married his wife and had several kids. As it turns out, the guy that I killed to become king was my dad. And the chick that I married and had kids with was my mother. FML
— Oedipus

Today my father made wings out of feathers and wax so that we could escape the king's castle. But I flew too close to the sun and the wings melted. I then fell into the ocean below. I can't swim. FML
— Icarus
From McSweeney's FMyLife Moments in Greek Mythology (via The Daily What), based on the sad/disturbing revelations of FMyLife; The Oedipal Family Circus (via Edward Rueda)

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  1. The Nietzsche Family Circus:

  2. Love it! The Family Circus is such a blank canvas.

  3. FMyLife rocks. There's a lot of copies, but nothing beats the original. Now there's even a free, ning-like service to launch ur own site like FML called Anekdotz.

  4. oh yah, i don't think it posted a link, but Anekdotz is available at I made a site using it at