United Breaks Guitars

Dave Carroll of the Halifax band Sons of Maxwell had his guitar broken by United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago. They gave him the runaround and ignored him for nine months, so he wrote a hutin' song and put it up on YouTube, where it is now on its way to going viral. Beware of pissed of customers.
United, United, you broke my Taylor guitar
United, United, some big help you are
You broke it, you should fix it
You're liable, just admit it
I should have flown with someone else or gone by car
‘Cause United breaks guitars'
Link via all over, but initially Steve Pratt

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  1. You know, I really think the U. S. government should impose a "you broke it, you pay for it" policy on the airlines. This is why if I ever travel by plane, I plan to carry on all of my luggage...

  2. I love this one. Cathartic for listeners - so many people have had similar bad experiences with airlines.

    The irony here: had United not broken their equipment, the band wouldn't be getting all this exposure

  3. I'm sure United is wishing they'd just paid for the damages and Sons of Maxwell are now pleased they didn't.

  4. Here's a tribute video we put together as a company team effort in response and support of all the Dave Carrolls of the world. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hRr0YlHsjo - Enjoy!

  5. Well played, Reunion. Way to make lemonade.