Disney's Game of Thrones

Of course this should NEVER HAPPEN, but now that I've seen these illustrations, a Disney version of Game of Thrones seems entirely plausible if wildly inappropriate.

Created by Brazilian animators Fernando Mendonça and Anderson Mahanski, their work shows how iconic George R.R. Martin's characters are. Cersi makes a perfect wicked Queen — Snow White wouldn't have made it out of the woods. (via Sploid)

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Thirty years later and Ghostbusters still holds up. Truly a pop culture classic and worthy of a tribute show by Gallery 1988. This is Scott Campbell's Ghostbustland, which will be available as a print.

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Game Of Thrones VS. Star Wars

I love these! How did I miss them before this? Anyway, trust the internet to have the answer to what was only an inkling in my mind. May The Fourth Be With You! (Found: all over)

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Rock 'N' Roll A to Z

Can you name every band? Artist Eduardo San Gil has the key.

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