I'm Your Number One Fan

People always ask Stephen King where he gets his ideas from. This doesn't seem too off the mark. (Ouija by Eugene Kaik for Hero Complex Gallery’s King For a Day.)

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Appetite For Detention

Hey did you know that The Breakfast Club is 30 years old? With that in mind, I think they look pretty good for their age. (By Ed Harrington)

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Ellen's Last Supper Oscar Selfie

This was, of course, inevitable. And I can see Julia Roberts as Ellen's Judas (but she should be holding an Oscar instead of a bag of coins. But why was Leonarado DiCaprio included?

Can't find the source, so pass along if you know it. (h/t to Karen Geier)

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Earthican Hustle

Finally catching up on some Oscar nods and watched American Hustle tonight and saw this poster. Good job, but they totally cast Any and Leela wrong. (LavaLamp Creative)

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