Last Supper Atop A Skyscraper

And if one disciple should accidentally fall... David Richoux put together this Last Supper variation by way of the almost, but not quite as well known Lunch atop a Skyscraper photo. Seems two must have already fallen, but nobody is too concerned about it.

Last Suppers always seem to come to me in groups. In the past couple of weeks I've seen a couple sites post Raoef Mamedov's interpretation of The Last Supper, which "consists of five photographs featuring models with Down’s Syndrome, each posing in positions similar to the characters in the Leonardo Da Vinci mural of the same name." (Link via The Presrufer; description via Postwiki)

Then there is the ever-popular McDonald's themed Last Supper. Unlike the skyscraper, this version has added a few disciples in the form of Ronald McDonald, the Hamburglar and Grimace. Don't know who the author is, but a thanks to Laura E. Negron for passing it along.

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Play Her Off, Lornecat!

Play Her Off, Lornecat

Saturday Night Live newcomer Jenny Slate said a bad word this weekend. She said "fucking" instead of "frickin" and even the New York Times has weighed in. Oh my frickin ears! I'd rather hear the word fuck over and over again then to have to read the word F-bomb one m0re time. (Link via Buzzfeed)

If you're going to swear, just get right out there and do it like McNulty and Bunk do on The Wire, solving a murder with only one word.

The Wire

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All Your Viral Videos Are Belong To Us

Watch 100 of YouTube’s most famous viral videos in just over three minutes. Are there 100? Dunno, I didn't keep track, but it would take you a lot longer to find and watch them all separately. I should know, seeing as how many of them I recognized. Consider it a time-wasting time saver. (Link via Presurfer)

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Bite My Starchy Tuberous Ass

Mr. Bender Head, we love you!
Shut up, baby! I know it!

Flickr user mrtruffle has created over 3o pop culture-inspired Mr. Potato Head mashups out of modeling clay. Best use of the word mashup ever.

Kill Dill
She's on a mission to Kill Dill. The evil pickle that ruined her life. She'll also take on the Carrot 88.

A Clockwork Spud
Mr. Potato Head can't resist a bit of the old ultra violence.

Spud City
Walk down the wrong street in Spud City and you'll get mashed.

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Being (An) Erica Extra

The National Post's newsroom was transformed into a set of CBC's Being Erica this morning, shooting a scene from later this season. The lead character Erica Strange (Erin Karpluk) has edited a book which was lambasted by our fictional critic (he was wearing suspenders, of course), so Erica comes to the Post to discuss the review.

While the newsroom is usually deserted in the early morning, as first in on the online desk I became an involuntary background extra. Nothing like an 18,000-watt Klieg light aimed at your desk to shake off the cobwebs.

While the crew busied themselves snaking cables between cubicles, one set decorator marveled at the chaotic desk clutter. "If you dressed a set like this, they'd never believe you."

Extras were dispersed to fill up the desks, making their faux newsroom much busier than our real one. They were, for most part, overdressed. Ties and jackets are the exception at work, not the norm. The extras were also given pretend tasks to mime in the background, making for a lot of studious staring at proofs in-between conversations about their previous credits and making up back stories for their characters. "My guy used to be from Owen Sound and his favourite hockey team is the Montreal Canadiens."

It was soon discovered that I was a "real" and actually working (somewhat unsuccessfully) during the shoot. A makeup artist scooted over to touch up a "blemish" — can't have real fake people looking blotchy — and after a joking warning from a friend behind the camera not to stare into the lens, rehearsals and filming began.

Over and over and over again.

A few things overheard during the shoot...

Erin Karpluk chatting with her co-star between takes:

"Did you watch the Emmy's?"
"... well, that's the end of that conversation."

Then, in the middle of a conversation about the seasons, Ms. Karpluk mentioned she just got her Green Card, and is heading to L.A. soon. Are we breaking news here? New U.S. job opportunities for Erica Strange?

More from the crew, on the state of the news business:

"A lot of empty desks here, maybe they are hiring?"
"It's too bad newspapers are dying."
"Do you read all your news on the Internet?"
"Some, I get news alerts ...
"You know what they gotta stop doing, giving away information for free on the internet."

And despite admonitions to not touch anything on newsroom desks, a couple of extras were spotted rifling through CDs, expressing excitement at the discovery of Aqualung. When it was suggested that they should not peruse the contents of our co-workers desks this defence was offered: "We're just big music fans."

Then the shoot wrapped and all the equipment was quickly torn down and spirited away, leaving behind only two boxes of craft services croissants for the straggling journalists to fight over.

Look for the National Post's (and my) star turn later this year. I'll be the the stiff-looking, acting-natural guy.

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Obsessive And Smothering Love

The 7 Creepiest Simpsons Fan Tributes -- powered by

"Saying your a Simpsons fan is like saying you enjoy The Beatles, or capturing and castrating neighbourhood strays. You're not impressing anyone." I thought I had seen all the craziest tributes to The Simpsons our there. I was wrong.

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Meme-tastic Update: Keyboard Cat's Last Supper

A Last Supper featuring Keyboard Cat as Jesus and animal memes as the disciples? This is web geekery heaven!

So the mother of the Sneezing Panda is Judas? I suppose, Keyboard Cat is certainly stealing his limelight. I also see Dramatic Prarie Dog, Limecat, Pancake Bunny, Spaghetti Cat, the O RLY? Owl, Hamster Dance, Domo-Kun and Ceiling Cat. From Natasha S., who submitted this to Attack Of The Show's Keyboard Cat art competition.

The competition also included this great Andy Warhol-inspired take on Keyboard Cat's 15 minutes of fame. All the fan art was then auctioned off to support Kitten Rescue. (Link via Urlesque)

Holy Taco added to the meme-heavy week by calling on photoshoppers to add Gary Busey's head to every photo ever. The results were disturbing. Anyone want to slice me up some Busey heads so I can add them to the Last Supper?

Of course the meme giant of the week was Interrupting Kanye. That guy showed up everywhere, even leaking back out of the internet and into office fridges.

Even Jack White of the White Stripes wasn't immune, interrupting the director of his documentary Under Great White Northern Lights during the Q&A at the Toronto International Film Festival. (Thanks to Nik at Nite for the tip and bravo to TIFF for allowing Q&As at the Elgin. It's about time!)

Of course all of these memes may be our downfall. (Agent-X Comics via The Daily What)

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Space Invaders Make Good Eatin'

Go get 'em boy! Life sure was easier in the good ol' days, as shown in this Life photo shoot by Ryan Snieder. (Link via Accordion Guy)

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Total Eclipse Of The Lego

I really can't stand Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart, but I really love things being recreated in Lego. I'm indifferent about all-male choral groups, so I'm torn about posting this. Watch it with the sound off, perhaps? (Link via College Humor)

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Not Coming To A Theatre Near You

I don't remember this page from my copy of Where The Wild Things Are. Must have been an adult version or at least the brain of pop artist Andrew Wilson.

Gallery 1998 commissioned artists to recreate movie posters for their show Now Playing, and the results are both amazing and, in many cases, very weird.

There were two takes on Michael Jackson, my favourite being Dave MacDowell's Jesus Juice Superstar. Jacko's death and funeral conveyed a halo on the may, but I think the shine has definitely faded.

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Hebrew Crunk

Dan Meth explains Rosh Hashanah. I wish all world religions had helpful, instructional videos like this.

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Imma Gonna Let You Finish...

Kanye! Not again...

Put the URL for any website after “” and you too can have Kanye dump all over your web skills. Ok, I'm done. Promise.

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Help Me Obama-Wan Kenobi...

You're our only hope. I love how Barack Obama is shoring up his title of Nerd-In-Chief with this display of Jedi skill on the White House Lawn.

It's not just Star Wars that this president knows. Witness John Hodgman at the Radio and TV Correspondents' Dinner, administering a nerd purity test on Star Trek, Conan the Barbarian and Dune (it's about eight minutes in).

This poster, of course, was inevitable. (Johnny Toxic via Buzzfeed)

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Yo Jesus... Kanye West's Last Supper

You know a meme has hit critical mass when it shows up at The Last Supper. Just like the photobombing squirrel last month and over 100 others before, Kanye West barged into their dinner and interrupted. (Link via I'mma Let You Finish)

So while I was focused on WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS? yesterday Kanye made his way all over the web, annoying the crap out of everybody. (Link via Holy Taco)

Which means he's going to have to write a lot of all-caps apologies. Luckily Atom has built a handy Kanye West Apology Generator, so we can all help him out with that.

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I just realized Red Dawn is the only Patrick Swayze movie I've ever seen, and until today I had no idea he was in it. Yep, no Ghost, no Dirty Dancing, no Roadhouse. No point in changing that now.

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Whose Responsible This? Birth Of A Meme

The story is thus: twisted fan fiction writer writer Brickhousebunny21 (underage teddy bear pokémon sex, WTF?) freaks out when Topless Robot features his story on the always disturbing Fan Fiction Friday.

His angry, all-caps, misspelled response WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS? instantly spawned a meme and left me in pop culture heaven. I love the internets.

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Pop Culture Saints

St. Kermit of The Muppets

Our saints, who art in movies, TV and music... I don't know if these stunning stained glass treatments are real or just clever photoshops, but it is my kind of religion. From Holy Taco's 25 Awesome Stained Glass Windows.

St. T of the A-Team

St. Gene of KISS

St. Optimus Prime of the Autobots

St. Weird Al of Yankovic

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Popped Culture Goes to TIFF

The 2009 Toronto Film Festival is upon us and, truth be told, it can be a little overwhelming. Will we see the next Oscar winner (or at least nominee like last year's Best Foreign Film nominee Waltz With Bashir)?

Will we run into a celebrity again (over the years, Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, Michael Moore, Bob Hoskins, Cher and Roger Ebert)?

What country's films will we fall in love with (Thailand) and which one will leave me cold (Iran)?

The thing is you just don't really know what kind of festival you are going to have until its done. We've been attending TIFF for 11 years now and those don't even put a dent into the 271 feature films that are unspooling this year alone.

So every year we dive into the schedule and see what we can find. Of course after so many years, we have a few things I look for. The first are directors that we've discovered at the festival over the years. It looked thin on the ground this year, until we found Sawasdee Bangkok, three short films about Bangkok that have two directors whose films we loved in past years: Wisit Sasanatieng (Citizen Dog) and Pen-ek Ratanaruang (Last Life In The Universe). Score!

Next we look for new Canadian films. Living in Toronto you'd think we'd be exposed to Canadian movies, but no, so the festival is our best chance to see home-grown talent. This year we are seeing The Trotsky, about " a precocious Montreal teen who fervently believes himself to be the reincarnation of Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky." It's a comedy — go figure.

We are also seeing Definitely Not The Opera host Sook-Yin Lee's Year of the Carnivore, which I'm hoping isn't super self-indulgent. We'll see.

For our Hollywood/celebrity quotient we are seeing The Men Who Stare At Goats. We usually avoid movies that are coming out in the next month or two but we aren't getting out to many movies these days (hello almost three-year-old!) and this looked like good fun. And hey, I'm not immune to the charms of seeing George Clooney in the flesh.

Lastly we are seeing La Soga, a film from the Dominican Republic about drug dealers and assassins. It's like The Wire, but in Santiago instead of Baltimore. Or maybe not. That's the thing, you just never know. But it is rare that we ever get a clunker, and surrounded by other film fans it is always a great experience.

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When I Pick Up The Phone, There's Still Nobody Home

A few years back the cowpunks Luther Wright and the Wrongs out some bluegrass in my rock 'n' roll and created one of my favourite musical reinterpretations ever: Rebuild the Wall.

Take a deep breath Pink Floyd fans and open your minds. " there anybody in there?"

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A Show Even Less About Nothing

What's the deal with attractive, dull twenty-somethings? Seinfeld as reinterpreted by the CW network. Don't laugh, they could do it. (Link via Buzzfeed)

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When You Wish Upon A Star... Nothing Happens

Why just spoil movies when you can spoil the hopes and dreams of happy people and children? By the way, welcome back to school, kids! Wah Wah Wahhhhh, from Threadless designers Ivan Tarrazo Sanchez and Thomas De Santis.

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SpongeBob's Got Big Balls

I always fill my ballroom/ the event is never small.

Why an AC/DC/Spongebob mashup? I ask you, why not? Happy Labour/Labor Day all!

(Link via Accordion Guy, due to some late-night spelunking through Joey deVilla's site)

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Safe For Work XXX Porn

And by safe for work, well, you may not want to play it with the sound turned up real loud or if your monitor faces an aisle, but other than that it is perfectly safe. Don't worry, they censored all the naughty bits, which left me in tears. (Link via Super Punch)

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Stanley Kubrick Bloopers

Watching the droogs shoot milk out of their noses at the milk bar is alone worth watching. From the twisted mind of Dan Meth.

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Our Lady Of The Arcade

So Ms. Pac-Man is actually Pac-Man's mother? Which means Pac-Man is Jesus? Wow, I may have to convert from Frisbeetarianism. From pop artist Misha via Gallery 1988.

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Inappropriate Soundtracks: Carpenters Vs. The Matrix

Even with Top Of The World playing, this scene is awesome. And I have no doubt in my mind that this is exactly what Keanu Reeves has playing in his head all the time.
I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around
Your love's put me at the top of the world
Inappropriate Soundtracks, according to mashup creator Boonehams, take a scene from a movie, change its background music to something wildly inappropriate and thus, ruin that scene. And there are a lot of them, almost 50. Be sure to check out Reservoir Dogs Vs. Wham. (Link via Buzzfeed)

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Disney Begins Imagineering Marvel

The House of Mouse's purchase of Marvel, mashing together Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck alongside Spider-Man and Wolverine has set off nerd alarm bells, as fans freak out about what Disney will do to their favourite superheroes... (Image via Daily What)

The National Post's Steve Murray manages to intercept a memo from Disney about some of the "helpful suggestions" they have to do.

Joey deVilla at Global Nerdy purposes an upside, a potential for a really interesting sequel to the game Kingdom Hearts.

Super Punch rounds up a few Disney/Marvel mashups, including Emilio J.Lopez's Spider-Man as a Mouseketeer and...

...Mickey vs. the Marvel Universe ...

Plus Matt Occhuizzo's Disney Avengers, among a few others.

Of course the fine folks at FARK had to have a go at it as well, in a ridiculously long thread.

As did Holy Taco with their Punisher meets the Seven Dwarfs, while speculating on the inner monologue of Stan Lee at the sale of his empire.

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