Paris’ Pandora’s Box

1 Night in Paris - Seriously, best title ever.Pity poor Paris Hilton, she can’t keep anything private.

It appears there are more secrets in the socialite’s closet (or storage locker in this case) and for the low, low price of $20 million you too can have access to Hilton’s private diaries and photos of her in various states of undress.

What more she could be seen doing that you can’t already download I shudder to consider, but it must be some kinda filthy for that price tag.

Before you get the wrong idea, its not Hilton selling the items, but she’ll likely be a bidder. No, it’s a fella by the name of David Hans Schmidt, who is charmingly known as the ‘Sultan of Sleaze’ for handling celebrity porn deals. Seems Paris stuffed a storage locker full of pictures of "wild parties,” 18 diaries allegedly containing descriptions of Hilton’s sexual adventures, as well as computers, clothing, videos and furniture while she was moving between mansions. At some point while out buying monkeys and toying with Greek shipping magnate’s hearts, she forgot to pay the bill and so her treasure trove was sold off for a mere $2,775 to Schmidt. And once he saw it, the price skyrocketed.

Says the man who reveals in the sleaze about what is contained in the diaries to the Los Angeles Times:
"Everything that would be dear to a woman's heart: relationships, personal feelings, sex, love, breakups, sexual experiences, all those little things that make up a little girl's life. Her deepest, darkest secrets."
So, as I said, dirty, dirty, dirty. It must be because Hilton’s publicist says they are considering buying back the material.

Now I have speculated before that the celebutante has courted all of her publicity, good and bad, and never seemed all that upset about the sale of her homemade sex tape – it only appeared to help publicize The Simple Life. This time seems different. She really doesn’t seem to need this kind of publicity anymore so I suspect she may not be behind this one.

Paging Bob Guccione…


  1. Paris Hilton sounds like another hotel to me. And all hotels are full of scandals in their closets.

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    d�a az�l mam� llor�

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