Avalanche on Brokeback Mountain

Heath Ledger is a real character actor, ignoring his wife, just like in the movie.If they are lucky, nobody will be killed by the avalanche of Oscars about to befall Brokeback Mountain in two weeks.

The British Academy Film Awards handed out their big silver faces on Sunday and you’d be forgiven for thinking the Oscars had taken place. Not that anyone watches the BAFTAs or uses it as an Oscar barometer, but no matter. Brokeback Mountain won best picture, director, supporting actor and adapted screenplay. Ok, four isn’t exactly an avalanche, but they are major categories and only Walk the Line and Crash got more than one award.

The rest of the major categories went as expected: Philip Seymour Hoffman took best actor for Capote and Reese Witherspoon was named best actress for playing June Carter Cash.

As far as upsets go, Thandie Newton was a surprise win as best supporting actress in Crash. A surprise not because she isn’t deserving, but a surprise as she didn’t even get an Oscar nod for the role. I also didn’t expect to see Jake Gyllenhaal win for best supporting actor, which just points to the awards juggernaut this film has become.

If you’re hoping to sweep your Oscar pool this year, you’d better be pouring over the short film, documentary and technical awards because the big eight categories are all sewn up.

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