Don’t Believe Your Hype

It looks like I'm playing this, doesn't it?!There’s nothing more entertaining than a delusional celebrity, especially when there is little basis for that fame to begin with.

This brings us to Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline. Against all probability, both of these b-listers are recording albums. Hilton, famous for being rich and appearing on reality shows and home-made sex tapes, is going the dance route, a la Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Kevin, famous for knocking up the aforementioned Spears, fancies himself an aspiring rapper.

As the two are mostly renowned for appearing in paparazzi photos they seem keenly aware that nobody is actually clamouring for their musical genius. See if you can tell which quote is from whom:
"People will trash it just because it's me, but once they listen, they'll be shocked. I know this is good."

"Sure, there'll be initial shock and awe, but they've already said so much shit about me, it can't get worse."
It amazes me that they can both be so self-aware and completely oblivious at the same time. For the record, the first quote was from Paris, the latter from Mr. Spears.

To add to the snickering joy, Federline has the narcissistic belief that the millions of hits he got on his web site when he streamed his first single, PopoZão, had something to do with his abilities and not because bored office workers were forwarding it to each other for a laugh – like we were at work.

Anyway, I can’t wait to fish my copies out of the remainder bin, where they will be keeping William Hung company.

Double Duty
For those that are interested, I'm doing a stint of guest blog editing over at Scandal Sheet for my friend webgrrl. I'll try and keep the double posts to a minimum.

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  1. The only thing is, is that William Hung is actually entertaining.