Mining Pop Culture

Talking about pop culture mashups and parodies the other day (see Jokeback Mountain) made me remember some of the best versions I'd seen.

Way, way back in the mists of time when I was at university (for the first time, long story) a friend of mine had a daily comic strip in our campus paper. Star Wars, CHiPs, Brit Pop, video games and drugs, Horovitz had it all.

In fact it also had Muslims protesting him when a comic depicted a slacker God calling Allah on the sixth day and asking if he had started his universe yet. The implication that there was more than one god got a few people hot under the collar. Shades of today's headlines.

But we all finally got tossed out of school and Horovitz's creator, Dave Craig, went on to bigger things like dentistry and drawing for Odd Job Jack. Luckily another friend has revived this classic 'toon and you can get one sent to you daily for the low, low price of nothing. Check out the gallery and sign up.

And seeing as I'm plugging old university pals, let me step out of my entertainment world for a moment. My buddy Jason Menard has taken it upon himself to hassle politicians who switch parties and has created a petition asking for a law that would require a by-election be called in any riding where an MP crosses the floor. It's a good idea - give 'em hell Jay.

For any non-Canadians, that probably didn't make much sense and I promise to stay away from the politics forevermore.

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