My name is Haggis. Paul Haggis.

Lots of interesting tidbits about the new James Bond film, Casino Royale, today. Seems that they have started filming in Prague with new 007, Danielle Craig.

I'm a bit of a Bond freak so I've been watching the revival of the franchise with great interest. I liked Pierce Brosnan, but feel that he was more in the Roger Moore mold and they need to go more Sean Connery this time around.

It looks like they have with Casino Royale. It is an adaptation of creator Ian Fleming's first Bond novel and our favourite spy was introduced as a more youthful, realistic and cold character than the films. More like Jason Bourne is my guess.

Of course the reinvention is having some bumps. While the cameras have started rolling, nobody had been cast as Bond girl Vesper Lynn or as the main villain says The Hollywood Reporter. "They're talking to three to four girls right now," Royale scribe Paul Haggis said. "Every week I read there's a new Bond girl, and I call them and they say, No, you idiot."

What was that name? Paul Haggis? Yes, it's the Oscar-nominated director and writer of Crash, who also adapted last year's Oscar winner Million Dollar Baby for the screen. Now I'm really intrigued. Does this really mean there will be character development in a spy movie? Interesting.

Haggis has had an interesting writing career -- seems that he started up writing for some of the most well-known '70s sitcoms: One Day at a Time; Diff'rent Strokes; The Facts of Life; did a stint on The Love Boat (go Issac!) and he was one of the creators of Walker, Texas Ranger (Superman owns a pair of Chuck Norris pajamas.) And he's from London, Ontario which has as good a claim on being my hometown as any.

What does that all have to do with Bond? Not so much, but I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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  1. Brosnan is less Moore and more Connery, in my humblest of Bondian opinions. As for a British agent portrayal that was more Moore, my vote is for Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English.

  2. I'll agree that Brosnan was getting more Connery as time went on, especially in the last film but as much as I was a fan he still had some of his Remington Steele persona floating around him. I just want to see the character hardened up. He has a Licence to Kill, not a Licence to Smirk.