My Gossip Runneth Over

Please Quentin, stay behind that cameraReally, how is one to keep up with Hollywood these days? If all the stars publicists could get together and plan out a schedule, it would be a lot easier for us to keep up. Today we heard:

• Angelina Jolie is pregnant with a little Pitt. There was much conversation at my workplace about whether she is a homewrecker and if the couple should admit publicly that they are indeed a couple -- both issues seemed to have an obvious answer to me. Celebs are fun to talk about, no matter how inane the topic. Why else would we care about them? Their acting ability? Ha, ha, ha.

• Colin Farrell is as dirty as we always thought. His much-rumoured sex tape finally surfaced on the web (as all self-filmed celeb pornos do) at, which promptly crashed from all the traffic. Probably his best debut yet. You can read more at Jossip and see screen grabs from What Would Tyler Durden Do? I'd usually just post one, but I can't bring myself to do it.

• Of course the one that amuses me the most is not from today, but I've been busy -- didn't you just read those other bits? Anyway, looks like Quentin Tarantino has been reading his own press again, and now believes he is the source of all that is good in film, whining to the Sunday Mirror:
"I'm annoyed that the James Bond producers never even called me up to talk to me about it because I can tell you they would not be making Casino Royale if I hadn't talked about it first. They should have called me. Especially since they are taking my idea and they are taking the publicity I gave them towards that idea. They should have at least out of courtesy had coffee with me."
Oh, get over yourself Quentin, like nobody in Hollywood has ever thought of remaking a film (King Kong) or reinventing a series (Batman Begins). You're a great director, but you aren't getting this gig. Get over it.

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