Fox Giveth and Fox Taketh Away

We love ya Bender. He knows it.There may be a future for Futurama. Fox is reportedly in talks to bring the Matt Groening animated series back to TV, after its success on DVD and reruns.

Shades of the Griffins! Fox performed a similar resurrection on Family Guy in 2004, which they had killed off before its time. I always felt that Futurama was more deserving of a return and was a show that had been shuffled around, preempted and never allowed to find its audience.

Seems like the execs at Fox aren't above making complete u-turns on their programming decisions, so it really makes me wonder about Arrested Development. It has a cult following, is selling well on DVD and critics love it. Naturally, it is slated for cancellation. Perhaps it is a strange marketing plan to sell more DVDs and get tons of free ink, before bringing the show back.

I've never understood Fox. They program such trash, but they have also launched (and cancelled) more cutting edge comedies then most of the other networks combined -- Action and Andy Richter Controls the Universe, but to name two. Maybe they should put the people who develop the shows into the scheduling department.

Anyway, if Futurama can come back after a couple of years off the air, perhaps there is a chance for Arrested as well. Save Our Bluths!


  1. I heard that Showtime might pick up Arrested Development. I hope so. I love that show, and I would get Showtime just to be able to watch it.

  2. I still haven't forgiven them for cancelling Andy Richter Controls the Universe, I loved that show.

    I'm also a huge Futurama fan (I admit it, I own all the episodes on DVD and rewatch them regularly), but I'm kind of hesitant about this possible resurrection. On one hand, fantastic news, because like I said, I'm a fan, but on the other hand should we just leave it be? What if it's not as good anymore? Do we need it to continue as long as ... let's say, The Simpsons? Still, for such a great premise, the possibilities are endless if they just keep the stories as fresh as the ones they've done so far.

    Also, interestingly enough I read that there's going to be a Futurama movie. Sounds very much what happened to Family Guy, doesn't it? It looks to me like they could be doing the same thing to Futurama.

  3. I do understand the idea of going out while you are on top, but Futurama never got a chance to meet its full potential. Near the end of the run Fox was prempting it, running reruns of King of the Hill before episodes they had in the can and other indignities. I'd like to see where the show could go if it got a chance to breath.

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