Like It's Been Frozen Somehow

Yes, I always look like this. What's it to you?If you're like me (and who isn't), you've seen a lot more photos of Paris Hilton over the past few years then you ever thought you would have.

No, I don't mean those photos, I mean the ones where she poses over and over for photographers, never having met a camera she didn't want to make love to. Now, lest any of those shutterbugs think those bedroom eyes were meant for them alone comes evidence she only has the one look.

Check out Lemonzoo's Paris Hilton Really Has Just One Face and see the proof of what your mom always told you - if you keep making that face, it will stay that way.

Umm... that's it. I've really got nothing deeper than that today. I'll try and be a little more pithy tomorrow and take down that snooty Jennifer Aniston.

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  1. Her face will look like that even when she's dead.. lol. Ttyl... :D