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She hates the writer, but loves the picYesterday I suggested that it wouldn't be long before the rumour mill started grinding Lindsay Lohan's hospitalization apart. How right I was.

In an amazing coincidence, Vanity Fair is featuring the ingenue actress on their next cover and released the photo and the article today. Turns out Miss Lohan had a little taste for drugs and at one point not much of a taste for food. If I was the conspiratorial type, I would suggest that her collapse was somehow tied to selling more copies of the magazine and there was a financially agreeable arangement. But that would be absurd, wouldn't it?

Here's a wrap of what some other's (among the 500+ entries on Google news at this writing) had to say.

The New York Post: Lindsay Bares All in Shocker
Tinseltown teen queen Lindsay Lohan has finally 'fessed up to doing drugs — and becoming so bulimic that she couldn't stand the sight of her own skeletal figure.
Defamer continued to go after Linds:

America's Most Suspiciously Hospitalized Sweetheart makes some shocking—shocking!—revelations: she used drugs "a little," suffered from the much more PR-friendly bulimia last year during her much-photographedSNL's Lorne Michaels, no stranger to self-destructive talent, staged some sort of intervention after Lohan hosted his show former fighting weight. "skinny phase," and that dangerously underneath her
And one the most interesting tidbits came from an unusual source, Canada.com:
A source told canada.com that early Wednesday morning, a friend of Lohan was spotted returning to the hospital with a plastic shopping bag containing an EPT pregnancy test, Cocoa Puffs cereal, cans of Coke, mouthwash and playing cards. It is not known if the items are for Lohan.
Bless celebrity gossip.

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