Yo Jesus... Kanye West's Last Supper

You know a meme has hit critical mass when it shows up at The Last Supper. Just like the photobombing squirrel last month and over 100 others before, Kanye West barged into their dinner and interrupted. (Link via I'mma Let You Finish)

So while I was focused on WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS? yesterday Kanye made his way all over the web, annoying the crap out of everybody. (Link via Holy Taco)

Which means he's going to have to write a lot of all-caps apologies. Luckily Atom has built a handy Kanye West Apology Generator, so we can all help him out with that.

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  1. I can't believe the behavior we are seeing from Kanye. Such big disappointment! And, with an all-caps APOLOGY???..too bad!

    baby crib