Meme-tastic Update: Keyboard Cat's Last Supper

A Last Supper featuring Keyboard Cat as Jesus and animal memes as the disciples? This is web geekery heaven!

So the mother of the Sneezing Panda is Judas? I suppose, Keyboard Cat is certainly stealing his limelight. I also see Dramatic Prarie Dog, Limecat, Pancake Bunny, Spaghetti Cat, the O RLY? Owl, Hamster Dance, Domo-Kun and Ceiling Cat. From Natasha S., who submitted this to Attack Of The Show's Keyboard Cat art competition.

The competition also included this great Andy Warhol-inspired take on Keyboard Cat's 15 minutes of fame. All the fan art was then auctioned off to support Kitten Rescue. (Link via Urlesque)

Holy Taco added to the meme-heavy week by calling on photoshoppers to add Gary Busey's head to every photo ever. The results were disturbing. Anyone want to slice me up some Busey heads so I can add them to the Last Supper?

Of course the meme giant of the week was Interrupting Kanye. That guy showed up everywhere, even leaking back out of the internet and into office fridges.

Even Jack White of the White Stripes wasn't immune, interrupting the director of his documentary Under Great White Northern Lights during the Q&A at the Toronto International Film Festival. (Thanks to Nik at Nite for the tip and bravo to TIFF for allowing Q&As at the Elgin. It's about time!)

Of course all of these memes may be our downfall. (Agent-X Comics via The Daily What)

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  1. I wonder, which one is Judas?

  2. One of the pandas, but it is hard to tell from the placement. I'm going with the mom, but it could go either way.