Disney Begins Imagineering Marvel

The House of Mouse's purchase of Marvel, mashing together Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck alongside Spider-Man and Wolverine has set off nerd alarm bells, as fans freak out about what Disney will do to their favourite superheroes... (Image via Daily What)

The National Post's Steve Murray manages to intercept a memo from Disney about some of the "helpful suggestions" they have to do.

Joey deVilla at Global Nerdy purposes an upside, a potential for a really interesting sequel to the game Kingdom Hearts.

Super Punch rounds up a few Disney/Marvel mashups, including Emilio J.Lopez's Spider-Man as a Mouseketeer and...

...Mickey vs. the Marvel Universe ...

Plus Matt Occhuizzo's Disney Avengers, among a few others.

Of course the fine folks at FARK had to have a go at it as well, in a ridiculously long thread.

As did Holy Taco with their Punisher meets the Seven Dwarfs, while speculating on the inner monologue of Stan Lee at the sale of his empire.

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  1. I was born a DC man, and I'll die a DC man. This ghastly event only adds to my motivation.