Fringe: Question The Answers

I'm going to miss Fringe when it goes off air, but in the meantime Gallery 1988 is running the Fringe Benefits Project, letting fans vote on episodes to be turned into prints. This is the second print, by Mark Englert of Episode 303: The Plateau. I love how the Observer and Peter Bishop disappear in the glow in the dark version.

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...And I Feel Fine

It's the end of the world as we know it. (It's time I had some time alone). Might as well make this my last post, right? Right. (The End by Sluggomatic, from Worth 1000, via Nikki Stafford)

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Game Of Pop Culture Thrones

House sigils for superheroes and other pop culture characters. I made my picks out of the 21 banners created by Miguel "Lokiable" Lokia on DeviantArt. (via Comics Alliance)

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And To Think That I Hulked Out On Mulberry Street

I love looking back into an artists work and seeing what else they have done and doing that with cartoonist and illustrator Ryan Dunlavey is a treasure trove. These are four Dr. Seuss-inspired superhero books that I am well familiar with.

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I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night And Sugar Sugar Every Day

Remember when the Archies turned into KISS? Well, maybe not turned into, but joins them to battle zombies. Yep. Turns out it is happening in the same alt-universe that saw Archie marry both Betty and Veronica. Riverdale sure has changed. (Dan Parent via Comics Alliance)

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