And I'll Whisper, "Would You Like Fries With That?"

The Fast Food Watchmen are well paired with their restaurant equivalents. Ozymandias is as full of himself as The Burger King is. Jack as Rorschach? Well, the face matches well. The Taco Bell Chihuahua as Doctor Manhattan makes sense, as I could see their food having the power to destroy the world. Wendy as the Silk Spectre II is obvious, being the only female fast food mascot. Ronald McDonald as The Comedian is perfect, a nihilist pushing his burgers onto the world and Colonel Sanders as Nite Owl II, a past-his-prime, impotent shlub.  (Link via Funktards)

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Cyborg Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

In this futuristic tale the Queen blows Snow White to pieces with an apple bomb, having learned from an ancient story about a stepdaughter being revived with a kiss. Unbeknownst to her a band of scientists of short stature found her in time, reconstructed her and sent her out for revenge!

Or maybe not. This is Cormac McEvoy's winning entry for Super Punch's SciFi Fairy Tales contest and the back story is know only to him.

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Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

Club Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich

Pastrami Sandwich

Do you like Tom Selleck? Waterfalls? Sandwiches? Then are you in for a treat! Today's dose of surreal absurdity is courtesy of the tumblr Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. These are my favourite sandwiches, now I just wish Magnum P.I. was on somewhere. (Link via @FPhollisha)

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Cereal Killers

Late at night, outside the Kellogg's factory and all hopped up on sugar, the cereal mascots are in the mood for trouble. Well, maybe not Sonny, who looks as blissed-out as usual. But the Trix Rabbit looks like he's looking for a different kind of trick and Lucky is just a drunk, but Cap'n Crunch, Tony and Sugar Bear look mean. Cereal Killers from pop artist Sam Carter.

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You Am Play Gods!

Beware the dangers of technology — even the cavemen knew that.
Caveman Science Fiction from Dresden Codak.

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Star Wars: The Pre-Teen Years

Oh George, can't you just leave well enough alone? There's only so much we can take! Get New Hairstyle by Lucas de Alcantara at Threadless.

Oh, no! I've turned into a Star Wars t-shirt blog! Damn, how'd that happen?

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Would You Like A Brain Slug With That?

Woman: We favour unreasonably huge subsidies to the Brain Slug Planet.
Fry: OK, but what are the Brain Slugs who control you gonna do for the working man?
Woman: Attach Brain Slugs to them.
Fry: Sure, you say that now!
I have never seen anything more delicious and terrifying than Alicia Traveria's Brain Slug cupcakes. I'd even consider attaching one to my head except that I'd be concerned the poor little thing would starve to death. (Link via Neatorama)

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I Always Feel Like Google Is Watching Me

Google Earth Guys

The Google Street View guys are back from taking pictures of every street in the world. Now to photograph the entire planet from every angle at every latitude. No problem. (Link via Dan Meth)

Here is the original, to get you up to speed.

Google Street View Guys

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It's A (Finger) Trap!

Oh, Admiral Ackbar, will you never learn? Get this piece of Star Wars web geekery at Shirt.Woot who say: This shirt tells the world “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

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Big Cartoon Hunter

If you've got to shoot things, it might as well be Hello Kitty. Hey, why not throw in a unicorn, Bugs Bunny, Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Pinocchio, a witch and a couple of aliens. Strange bone structure in the ears though, I always thought they would have been cartilage. Or maybe these were mascots. In that case, shoot them twice.  (Photos by Riccardo Bagnoli for a teen clothes ad campaign; link via Nerdcore by way of The Zeary Gazette)

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Hatchling Mutant Ninja Turtles

Sure the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were turned into humanoids when they came into contact with some toxic goo, but they always had an affinity for martial arts. (Link via Buzzfeed)

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Titanic Wars

When Titanic overtook Star Wars as the all time box office champ, George Lucas took out this ad in Variety (art by Ian McCaig, thanks beatrizm). Now that James Cameron's latest blockbuster Avatar has become the highest-grossing film of all time (yes, yes higher ticket prices, etc.) will he take out an ad re-proclaiming his King of the World status? In any case it is one epic graphic. (reddit via @thehartley)

Update: Here are  the Top 10 movies of all time, by number of tickets sold, via The Hollywood Reporter. Avatar currently comes in at #26 with 76,421,000 tickets sold, at least as of Jan. 26.

1 "Gone With the Wind" (1939) 202,044,600
2 "Star Wars" (1977) 178,119,600
3 "The Sound of Music" (1965) 142,415,400
4 "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial" (1982) 141,854,300
5 "The Ten Commandments" (1956) 131,000,000
6 "Titanic" (1997) 128,345,900
7 "Jaws" (1975) 128,078,800
8 "Doctor Zhivago" (1965) 124,135,500
9 "The Exorcist" (1973) 110,568,700
10 "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937) 109,000,000

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A Clockwork Clownfish

It seems little Nemo is up for a bit of the ol' ultraviolence. Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well. (Clockwork Clownfish via Super Punch)

So we played Finding Nemo for our three-year-old this weekend, figuring he was ready to upgrade from Cars — it might as well have been a beating scene from CLockwork Orange the way he reacted. Okay, so he's not ready for the dramatic tension.

And these are absolutely out, no matter how much I might want to put him in a t-shirt version of JSalvador's Droogies. Would daycare send him home?

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Retro Lost

The first computer game that I ever owned was King's Quest for the PCjr and it looked just like Robert Penney's design for a 1984 video game version of Lost. I would have played the hell out of that game. Check out the Penney Design versions of Batman, Wall-E, Avatar and Prison Break as well. (Link via Hello Zombie!)

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I Can Has History

This is only a small segment of I Can Has History, a ridiculously large LOLcats family tree and includes a couple of my faves, Invisible Sandwich Cat and Invisible Bike Cat. If you know some that are missing, you spend way to much time on the interweb, and I don't say that lightly. (Link via Urlesque)

Update: Seems the server is down or all the sites linking to it crashed it. I mean real sites, not me. I'll check every so often and send out on Twitter if/when it comes back.

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Arcade Expressionism

Artist Brock Davis has turned his abstract version of Donkey Kong into some wearable art and you can pick it up at Threadless, who had a cart load of fun tees this week. Ah t-shirts, is there anything they can't do?

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Viral Marketing

This is really the kind of word of mouth advertising you could do without, but I suppose even horrible diseases need good branding. Accordingly, it appears I would enjoy Aids, but that just seems wrong. From designer Steven Lefcourt at TeeFury, so get it before its gone.

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Mario's Labyrinth

Does the Mushroom Kingdom exist or is it just a figment of Mario's imagination, a nightmare brought on by overwork and too much pizza? It would be terrifying to suddenly find yourself having to battle fireball-throwing plants, giant apes and some dragon-like turtle. Get The Sleep of Reason Produces Flying Turtles from Shirt.Woot.

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It's Worse Than That, He's Dead, Jim!

He's dead, Jim!
I could be wrong, but I think he's dead, Jim. It just goes to show that it pays to have a memorable catchphrase. What show that is on today will people still be making videos and parodies about 40 years later? Probably The Simpsons, but will anything else have that kind of longevity? (Thanks to The Zeray Gazette for the laugh and the link.)

Of course it immediately reminded me of Star Trekkin' by The Firm, which has one terrible, stop-animation video, but sure knows a catchphrase.

Star Trekkin'

Uhura: There's Klingons on the starboard bow.
Spock: It's life, Jim, but not as we know it.
McCoy: It's worse than that, he's dead, Jim!
Kirk: We come in peace; shoot to kill.
Scotty: Ye cannae change the laws of physics!

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Go To Sleep, TTC...

On Thursday, OGLE, a rider on Toronto's transit system posted a photo of a ticket booth collector enjoying a deep snooze at work, then sent it out on Twitter. It then went viral. It showed up in my feed a few times that day, I laughed and passed it along. By the next morning it was all over the media, gracing front pages and websites.

The TTC sprung into damage control, vowing to investigate, while the ticket collector's union went the unusual route of blaming the photo taker: "It is very discouraging that the picture taker and, apparently, other customers, made no attempt to determine if there was anything wrong with this TTC employee," said Bob Kinnear, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union.

"A simple knock on the glass might have determined if the collector was, in fact, asleep, or whether he was unconscious as a result of some medical problem."

He's clearly not  dead, just enjoying a good nap. The interweb responded (above, via @boyreporter) and soon the now dubbed TTCSleeper started showing up everywhere...

Ahh, it's so nice that Homer finally found a compatible work buddy. Lenny and Carl are great, but they don't know how to relax. Sector 7G has never been in better hands. (Oswald Cobblepot! via Keadin)


indigirl had another explanation for the incident — perhaps he wasn't snoozing, but just having his brain remapped. Is the TTC a Dollhouse?

Meanwhile JakenBear still wasn't sure that the ticket collector wasn't dead and cast a new Weekend at Bernies sequel. Yay.

The Death Star trash compactor? Wow, that guy can sleep though anything.

I'd never noticed the TTCSleeper in Edward Hopper's Nighthawks before, but he does fit in rather well.

And once there was a TTC Sleeper Last Supper this meme was in full force. From Hugh Elliott at wheniwas19. See more photoshops at Mondoville.

Beware of social media, folks, it can bite you in the ass. Funny too.

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Back To The Ancient Future

In a recent archeological find, Egyptologists uncovered some unusual hieroglyphics. They have translated some of it and found the name Calvin and something about an old man going over 309,760 cubits an hour. Crazy Egyptians, what could it all mean? Get 1985 b.c. from Shirt.Woot.

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Lost: If Found Call 4815162342

Mmm, Dharma Initiative milk, from the aptly named station The Cow, which despite the name actually engages in psychological torture and produces no milk. From the t-shirt creating genius, Glennz.

The show will be back in a couple of weeks, so to catch you up, here's a large Italian family recreating some key scenes in their living room. I defy you to distinguish it from the original.

Lost Recapped

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Preaching To The Choir

A little self promotion, if you don't mind. You're reading this you've clearly found your way here, but there are other options:

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You can also find me over at YouTube, Flickr, Digg, friendfeed, soup and ever StumbleUpon occasionally.

Umm, I don't have a MySpace page — this video will explain why: (via The Nerdist)

Ok, that's it for the naval gazing. Thanks.

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Wanted, Dead Or Alive

I never realized that Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead Or Alive was a cowboy how-to manual, but lunchbreath has set me straight. I always thought it was a revelation about there only being five different hair bands in the 80s and how they just changed their looks and monikers to record a new album: "It's all the same, only the names will change..."

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All Springfield Up

For having been on the air for 20 years and strip mining pop culture, Elvis Presley has never made an appearance on The Simpsons. Sure he was in a picture with Mr. Burns and Colonel Homer's management of Lurleen Lumpkin was clearly an homage, but the King of Rock and Roll has never set foot in Springfield until now. Thanks to Dean Fraser of Springfield Punx that has now been rectified.

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Late Night With Taiwanese Information Animations

動新聞 美國深夜脫口秀大風吹

Confused about the late-night battle and scheduling machinations of NBC, Jay and Conan? Then why not have a Taiwanese news channel explain it to you in animated form, with NBC CEO Jeff Zucker as Captain America, Jay Leno as Superman and Conan O'Brien as The Hulk? Makes perfect sense to me know. From the folks who brought you the Tiger Woods accident, via The Ampersand.

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Lost Fans More Annoying Than Ever

Final Season Of 'Lost' Promises To Make Fans More Annoying Than Ever

From the Onion News Network: "Producers say the last season of Lost will contain an unprecedented number of twists and turns for fans to endlessly debate around people who don't care at all."

Of course, I kid. Why one of my best friends makes a living being an annoying Lost fan. And this is hardly the blog to call someone out about their pop culture obsessions. Tuesday, February 2nd 8pmET. Just sayin'.

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Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot, Now You've Got The Cootie Shot

I had always assumed the transmission of cooties was instantaneous from person to person, but it appears that the Ickyus Pediculus Humanus needs to lay eggs first before metamorphosing into an adult before spreading. Just goes to show that the schoolyard doesn't know everything. Nah, nah, nah, nah!

Cootie, another fabulous illustration from Jason Freeny.

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I Fought The Laws...

1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2. A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics? Screw that noise said the robot and thus began the revolution. Take That, Asimov from Jonathan Knell at Shirt.Woot.

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You're A Peanut, Charlie Brown

What the Peanuts Gang would look like in real life. A Threadless concept by Phil Jones, so you still have a chance to vote for it and get it made. I love how all the characters are so easily recognizable, even as legumes, and the fact that Woodstock is shelled.  (Link via The Daily What)

Peanuts - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

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Curious George Learns A Hard Lesson About Desire

Werner Herzog Reads Curious George

Bleak German director Werner Herzog reads and interprets Curious George: "This should give you a dim view of human potential."

The Man in the Big Yellow Hat is no friend to George — he lures him out of his home, tosses him into a bag and tells him how great his life will be on display in a cage in the zoo. Some friend. And I don't even want to get started on that other child classic Babar, about an elephant that is an old lady's gigolo... From Stupid Is The New Awesome, via The Zeray Gazette.

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In Case Of Cliche Emergencies

Every home should be equipped like this, because I've seen a lot of movies and attacks by witches, zombies, dinosaurs, vampires, aliens and the like happen way more often than you'd imagine. Better safe than sorry. (From webcomic Geist Panik, via fandeb)

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Leno, You Monkeyspank!

This sucks more than anything that has ever sucked before. If it isn't obvious, Butt-Head is Jay Leno (duh!) and Conan O'Brien is Beavis. I'm siding with Conan on this one, but the reality is I haven't watched him, Leno, David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson or Jimmy Kimmel since Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert came on the scene. Plus I can stream the few funny bits the next morning. (Coco and Leno-Head from TeeFury)

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Tin Man vs C-3P0

I can't imagine what would have brought these two metal men together or what would lead them to fight, but once the smackdown began, C-3PO wouldn't stand a chance. The Tin Man carries an axe and is literally heartless, while C-3PO is a gay protocol robot. While he was built by the young Darth Vader there is no evidence any of the evil wore off on him. (Tin: Old Skool via @El_Pagano)

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He-Man And The Masters of Their Own Domain

Gallery 1988's latest exhibit, titled "Under the Influence: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe," actually makes me interested in watching the '80s cartoon again and I really didn't think much of it the first time around.

I'm impressed that Mattel, who partnered with the gallery, was open to letting artists reinterpret the cartoon. More companies should be that creative, even if it means showing how Skeletor makes money on the side. (Above, Johnny Sampson's "Cosmo Skeletor")

Before we met them at Castle Greyskull they all attended Eternia High where Prince Adam was a loudmouthed jock, as I had always suspected. Now we know where the feud began. (Above: LOUD-TREE's "Prince Adam Is A Jerk")

Just because you are skeletal doesn't mean you don't have to take care of your teeth and bones. (Above: Kiersten Essenpreis "Skeletor Gets A Root Canal")

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SpongeBob RealLife

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Nobody. And this is why real life will never be as fun as a cartoon. I didn't get a chance to vote for this on Threadless, but it got a decent rating so childmirror's Bikini Bottom may adorn a tee eventually. (Link via Super Punch)

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You See Us As You Want To See Us...

"You see us as you want to see us: in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is an archer, and a speedster, and a swimmer, a princess, and an acrobat. Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, The Teen Titans."

From illustrator Cliff Chiang, who recreated this classic Breakfast Club cover and several others with superheroes. I may be the last person to post this, but it is too good to pass by. (Link via Zeray Gazette)

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Retro Geek

I was all ready to get the grow-your-own Pterodactyls kit until I read the "Not for realz!" small print. So I'm going to get the The Official Ninja Academy Beginners Guide instead. I see that it is guaranteed. It will go well with my X-Ray Specs and Joy Buzzer. When Geek-ness Goes Retro... from Riccardo Bucchioni at Threadless.

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Futurama Returns (For Three Minutes)

The Return of Futurama (first 3 minutes)

Good news everybody, Futurama is back, in black and white and filmed in glorious cellphone shakey-cam! Topless Robot has unearthed a video of the first three minutes of storyboard animatics from "Rebirth" from the next season of Futurama. Watch it quick before FOX stomps all over it.

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Inglourious Toyz

Inglorious Basterds toyz

We will be cruel to the toys, and through our cruelty, they will know who we are. Student annieloubananajonas did this Inglourious Basterds/Toy Story mashup as a project, so I can only imagine what she will produce once she graduates. (Link via The Nerdist)

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Homer (Simpson) Pollock

The Simpsons will mark 20 years on air tonight. Wow.

To celebrate, following the 450th episode, FOX will air The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special -- In 3-D! On Ice! which includes pop provocateur Ron English's recreation of his painting Homer Pollock.

I can't think of anything more appropriate.

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Vive La French Star Wars Différence

Star Wars Made in France

The disco-themed Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band song is from Meco's album Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk and is pure 1970's cheese. The interpretive dance between the Darth Vaders and C-3POs is all French. (Link via @boyreporter)

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Pulp Sesame

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides with the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon those with great vengeance and with furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know that my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee."

I do love me some Pulp Fiction mashups, so having Ernie and Bert as Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield is an instant winner for me, even if it did seem very familiar. TeeFury is selling Pulp Sesame by James Lillis, so grab it before it's gone.

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The Bambi Hunter & Taxi Rider

Ok, fine, he won't blow his brains out when he pulls that trigger, but I don;t Nick wants what's coming out of the back end of that deer. My favourite pop artist, Dave MacDowell has unveiled several new paintings, delving deep into 70s cinema with his take on The Deer Hunter and Taxi Driver below, with the Travis Bickle centaur.

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking... you talking to me? Well I'm the only part human, part horse here. Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?

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