Here Be Anthropomorphic Dragons

A map of online communities (click on the map for a larger version) and social networking from the web comic xkcd. It's from last year (so of course I'm only seeing it now) and already some of the lands should be resized (up Facebook, down MySpace) and a new island of lolcats is probably required, but other than that its incredibly detailed and funny.

Strange Maps, where I origianlly came across this clever piece of cartography, has a version with a slew of comments explaining some of the more obscure terrirtories. And I'm off to sail the Sea of Memes on my way to the Ocean of Subculture.


  1. Yes, Facebook needs to be a lot bigger, despite the new version...

  2. I myself mostly stay in the oceans, but as for land I've been washing ashore on Facebook a lot recently.

  3. riendster should be erased, or fusioned whit my space under the nuw mandatory order of facebook