Heeere's Johnny!

Heeere's Johnny

The Shining is my all-time creepiest movie. More than Psycho it has made me afraid of shower curtains. To this day I leave them open in any bathroom I'm in. It is Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson at their best.

I won't be watching it tonight. Thanks to my pal Rachel Sklar at Mediate for pulling together all the clips and Shining mashups :) but boo for spreading it over 15 pages :(

Happy Halloween everyone!

The Lego Shining

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Konami Code Last Supper

The Konami Code: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A — and Christ rises from the dead. From Dueling Analogs So Dark the Contra of Man. And that wraps up the week of geeky Last Suppers.

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Muppets Last Supper

Kermit as Christ pretty much goes without saying, but I wonder about Gonzo as the Judas figure. Sure, he's a Weirdo, but would he betray Kermit? He performed his art for arts sake (if also for the love of a good chicken.) Fozzie on the other hand always wanted to be the star of the show but always failed. Maybe with Kermit out of the way...

Part Four of this week's geeky Last Suppers is The Last Mupper, from multi-talented artist Jesse Rubenfeld, who I had a chance to meet briefly at this year's Toronto Fan Expo and saw this on his display wall.

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Pulp Audio Fiction

Pulp Fiction Audio Mix

A mashup of scenes from Pulp Fiction using the sound effects of the clips. How it was done, I have no idea, but I do love me a Pulp Fiction mashup, so I'm just going to sit back with a tasty beverage and enjoy. (Via everywhere it seems, but initially Urlesque)

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Pac-Man's Last Supper

Were the Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde really disciples of Pac-Man? Is this showing that the pellets are the transubstantiation of Pac-Man and he want them to eat him, turning him into a Holy Ghost? Could it be that I am giving this far, far too much thought?

Part three of my week-long Geek's Last Supper comes from a t-shirt design of graphic designer vonplatypus, though I couldn't find it for sale anywhere.

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Kazoos Are So Underrated

One Man Band

One man band leader Cigo Man Band lets loose with such an infectious energy that it will get in your head and stay there. Plus midway through he plays my favourite song from The Talented Mr. Ripley, Tu Vuo' Fa l'Americano. (Link via Presurfer)

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The Last Sucker

While it is only a small scene of the A-Team Last Supper, it is a packed vignette. While as a team, John 'Hannibal' Smith was the leader, as a show and a pop culture phenomenon, Mr. T's B.A. Baracus was clearly the breakout star and therefore the Christ figure at this table.

While it might make sense to portray Colonel Roderick Decker, who was the team's nemesis throughout the series, as Judas, it is Templeton 'Faceman' Peck in that position. He is both in the right position, is wearing a similar robe and, more to the point, he is hiding the drugs that B.A. suspects are in his milk.

The painting is from pop artist Jim Hance of Strangly Drawn, but that site appears down. You can see more of his work at his Flickr page. It's worth a visit.

This is my second entry for this week's geek Last Suppers.

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Orlando Bloom County

The Last Basselope is no more, thanks to the over-enthusiastic bow of Legolas. Stupid elf. From artist Ryan Dunlavey, who has done a dozen modern mashups of classic comic strips, including Fantastic Family Circus, X-Nuts and The Dark Side. (Link via Neatorama)

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Rubik's Cube Last Supper

Created using 4050 cubes as pixels and measuring 8.5 feet x 17 feet, the Rubik's Cube Last Supper was created by artist(s) at Toronto's Cube Works. It has apparently been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records at the largest work of its kind, though I couldn't find it on the site, nor a photo of the work anywhere, just this news report. Too bad, I'd love to see one. Anyway, another Last Supper for the meta list.

Question: Do you think they arranged the sides by hand, or just removed the blocks and/or stickers to arrange them the way they wanted? Not that I ever did anything like that.

Update: YouTube has pulled the video, but Josh Chalom of Cube Works sent me an HD photo of the masterpiece! Click on the pic to see all its cubed glory. And check out the rest of the week's geek Last Suppers.

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Sexy Costume Warehouse

People are likely figuring out Halloween costumes for next week, but there really is only one choice for women, with some variations: Sexy witch, sexy nurse, sexy 1900 steel conglomerate tycoon and frog. Come down to Nick's Girls's Costume Warehouse and he'll take care of all your sexy needs.

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Friday The 13th: Jason's Closet

Just in time for Halloween comes the Jason hoodie from designer Marc Ecko, which is stylish enough to use on your next convenience store robbery, once you're done terrorizing your neighbourhood as a masked lunatic, of course.
Channel the terror of Crystal Lake in this "Jason" hoodie from the Friday the 13th series by Marc Ecko.
If that's not quite psychotic enough for you, there are also version of The Joker, Jigsaw, and somewhat incongruously, Gene Simmons.

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The Dreaded Double Shyamalan

Cartoonist Dresden Codak sums up the most used third act twists in movies, with special attention to M. Knight "What a twist!" Shyamalan. You've got to love an infographic that makes me look up words like peripeteia and anagnorisis.

I especially agree with the Eagles Dues Ex Machina in the Fantasy column. Stupid Lord of the Rings. (Link via Unreality)

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The Lamp Had It Coming

Let that be a lesson to all you animated, inanimate objects. I can only imagine the horror show that must have really gone on in the Beauty and the Beast castle.

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THIS Is How The World Ends

At least we'll go out in a stunning fashion. Speaking of which, Threadless is selling their Halloween t-shirts (like the one above by Travis Pitts) for a mere $10, but only until tomorrow at 10 am CT, so you'll have to hurry. Gotta look your best for the UFO, zombie, vampire, dinosaur apocalypse.

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Throw Them At My Hoff Clone

Hooked On A Feeling: Literal Video Version

I didn't think David Hasselhoff's bizarre, cheapo video for Hooked On A Feeling could get any stranger. I was wrong. Ooga chakka, hooga hooga, ooga chakka, indeed.

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Pulp Fiction vs. Google Wave

Google Wave Cinema: Pulp Fiction

I'm still not sure what Google Wave is really supposed to do, but if it means more interpretive versions of dialogue from Pulp Fiction, then I'm all for it. Somebody want to send me an invite already? (Link via @chrisboutet)

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The Devil in Marge Simpson

So Playboy's threat promise to feature Marge Simpson in the magazine has come to disturbing fruition as the web's Rule 34 (If it exists, there is porn of it) goes mainstream. You can see the whole feature at ohnotheydidnt and not even have a visit to Playboy show up in your browser history. Neat.

For what it's worth, it still freaks the hell out of me. (Link via The Daily What)

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Shel Silverstein's American History X

A Shel Silverstein character being Nazi curb stomped? Oh that's just so wrong. From Screen Junkies 8 R-Rated Movies as Kids Books, which aims to desensitize the little tykes so they can be ready for Hollywood fare.

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Klenginem: Eminem Meets Klingon

Klenginem - SuvwI'pu' qan tu'lu'be

A German sings Eminem's Without Me in Klingon. This will be, without a doubt, the weirdest thing you will hear all day.

This will, of course, be the second weirdest:

Shatner Of The Mount

Captain Kirk is climbing the mountain. Why is he climbing the mountain? (Thanks to @thinkgeek for both of these treasures.)

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Balloon Boy: Up, Up And Away In My Beautiful Meme

Turn off the computer and the TV for a couple of hours and the whole place goes nuts. Of course reading about Balloon Boy after it had all passed make the whole incident seem like, well, hot air.

Some media-savvy folk's balloon got loose and a six-year-old kid was hiding in a box and for that nobody did any work this afternoon? At least we get a short-lived meme out of it.

Facebook page from Red Feet, via Urlesque, who has collected up 18 or so of them. Nice work, intertubes.
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Jimi Hendrix: Guitar Hero

But first, are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced?

Would Jimi have played Guitar Hero? I figure he would have, rocked it out, smashed it and then lit the whole thing on fire. Let me do that in the game and I'll play too. (From StrangelyDrawn via The Daily What)

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ABC — Always. Be. Cartooning.

Harvey Awards Animation from Monkey and Tiger on Vimeo.

First prize is a Harvey Award. Anybody want to see Second prize? A can of spinach. Third prize is you're fired. You get the picture? ... You've got a readership. The syndicates paid good money. Get them to buy the newspaper!

It's harsh, but comic strip characters need to hear it. Reading the comics these days can be such a trudge through mediocrity. I've devised a complex reading pattern, going from worst to okay, hoping to end with at least one snicker.

I used to look forward to reading the Saturday comics and I still head right for them when I'm at the in-laws. Somehow, Beetle Bailey is still being published, and Hägar the Horrible and even Peanuts and Schulz has been dead for almost 10 years!

Sure, there are some bright spots: Get Fuzzy, Zits, Fisher and Pearls Before Swine (to name a few), but they are exceptions not the rule. Maybe newspapers and newspaper comics really are dying. Maybe the guy up top is right: Sandwiches are for closers.

(Thanks to Rene for the tip)

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It's Not Easy Dissecting Green

So is Kermit unhappy because he's dissecting a frog or is he bothered by what he sees inside, knowing his innards are somebody's hand? (From Annalee at deviantART via The Daily What)

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Pillow Fight!

Sure, it all looks fun, but then you have to pick up all the little bits of flesh from all over the bed when you're done. (Link via Geekstir)

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The Mao Is Equal To, Or Greater Than The Word


Peter: Brian, can I see that paper for a sec? Huh, that's odd. I thought that would be big news.
Brian: You thought what would be big news?
Peter: Well, there seems to be an absence of a certain ornithological piece. A headline regarding mass awareness of a certain avian variety.
Brian: What are you talking about?
Peter: Oh, have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard...
Brian: Heard what?
Stewie: Brian, don't! (Link via The Daily What)

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Marge Be Not Proud

Marge Simpson is going to be on the cover of Playboy? This is wrong, wrong wrong. The Devil in Marge Simpson? Ew, ew, ew.... On a related note, don't do an image search for Marge Simpson naked. You can't unsee that stuff. (Link via The Ampersand)

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Velma The Vampire Hunter

Update: We've Got Some Work To Do Now is now for sale. Sweet!

Designer Travis Pitts updates the Scoobies for the vampire-slaying, zombie-killing generation. Sadly, it appears Shaggy, Fred and Daphne didn't make it, judging from the RIP on the door of the renamed Misery Machine.

You can see more at Pitt's Flickr page and hopefully find it for sale at Threadless. (Link via Super Punch)

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MC Amnesia: What's My Name?

The WTF Collective

The WTF Collective: MC Side-Tracked Easily, MC Insecure, MC Fatigued. Not the best rappers, but they've still got more rhymes than... um, something that rhymes a lot. (Jon Lajoie via Buzzfeed)

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Color-Coded Criminals

So Quentin Tarantino has decided to make a third installment of the Kill Bill series. Sure, it won't be for another five years, but why bother, Q?

But instead of contemplating this, I'm looking at fan interpretations of Reservoir Dogs. Above is Color-Coded Criminals by Loy Valera, a Threadless reprint of a bloody scene with Mr. Orange and Mr. White.

Below is the mashup of Reservoir Dogs and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I never contemplated, but now here it is. Cowabunga, dude! (Link via Forces of Geek)

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Konnichiwa, Dissected Domo

Domo-kun is one of those strange marriages of Japanese and web culture... wait, I suppose I don't really need to add that qualifier as it really goes without saying. I had seem images of Domo all over the web before I actually knew what it was, a mascot for Japan's NHK television station that has become a harbinger of doom in his online incarnation. Know Your Meme can tell you all you need to know.

Anyway, long story short, master illustrator Jason Freeny has shown us all what Domo looks like inside, because we were all wondering but didn't know how to ask. It's the Internet, kids! You learn something you didn't need to know everyday.

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Star Wars: A New Cut

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

From Star War: Uncut — "Fans from around the world are joining forces to recreate the classic, Star Wars: A New Hope. The entire movie is split up into 15 second scenes. Claim a scene, film it, and upload it! When it's all done, it'll be stitched together so we can watch the magic happen."

Surprisingly, there are still a few dozen scenes left up for grabs. It looks like a load of fun so far, though I wonder if I will get motion sickness watching 483 15-second scenes?

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Insane Clown Last Supper

The Last Supper is the image that keeps on giving. Today's iteration, evil, murderous clowns. Here's who I can identify:

(L-R): Joker (Jack Nicholson), Joker (Ceaser Romero), Joker (Heath Ledger), Krusty the Clown (The Simpsons), ?, Captain Spaulding (House of 1000 Corpses), Pennywise (It), Saw clown, Jack in the Box (fast food mascot), a jack-in-the-box, Homey D. Clown (In Living Color), John Wayne Gacy, Ronald McDonald.

So I don't recognize the clown with the KFC bucket in front of him, sitting in the traditional Judas spot. Perhaps he is betraying the Christ figure/Pennywise by being good. Anyone know who that is?

I also question Krusty's inclusion, unless it is actually the evil Talking Krusty Doll. In any case, he's at least Jewish. (Link via Dark Vomit, by way of Super Punch and Zeray Gazette)

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Cartoon Girls Gone Wild

It appears that She-Ra, Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake all grew up and went to work at Coyote Ugly. I totally saw that coming. By comic book artist Greg Land. (Link via Unreality, originally from Toyfare)

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