It's the Celebrity Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

My pumpkins have always been in the classic vein - triangular eyes and gappy, square-toothed grins. But over the past few years there has been a dramatic leap forward in pumpkin design. We have the technology, we can carve him.

Above is one of my favourites - someone's clever tribute to the classic Calvin & Hobbes snowmen. Below are some of the better pop culture pumpkins. Get more from Zombie Pumpkins, Extreme Pumpkin, PumpkinGlow and Pumpkingutter.

Peanuts & Homer Simpson

Wallace & Gromit

Statler & Waldorf

Buffy & Spike

Tom Cruise & Britney Spears as seen by Gallery of the Absurd


  1. The first one is right out of a Calvin and Hobbes comic.

  2. Never fails to amaze me what can be done with a pumpkin.

  3. MC - I always loved those Calvin snowmen. I miss that strip.

    Agent O - Pumpkin carving is interesting. All of these people who would never consider carving or sculpting turn artist for one day by hollowing out a gourd. We're an odd culture.