Gossip 'R' Us

"These are the people who saw an overcrowded marketplace and said, 'Me too!'"

Super blogger Tina Mockmore, formerly of Glitterati Gossip, now of Hollywood Offender has started up Gossip Blog Girl to help anyone who wants to join the cutthroat world of celebrity blogging.

Or, as she more eloquently puts it, "helping others avoid the pitfalls of gossip blogging, to aid in sifting through the sludge, to answer questions, spark ideas and have a place to recharge their batteries." I know I could have used that when I fell off the web this summer.

Tina asked me to answer a few questions about choosing a name for a blog and I was honoured to participate, especially as asked the creators of Pretty on the Outside, Cele|bitchty and Holy Candy. Heady company for such a slack updater as myself. Thanks Tina, I hope I was of some help.


  1. Congrats on the honor Jeremy.

  2. It is cut throat isn't it. I'm thinking of making the move over into political blogging, in time for the American Presidential election. The antics of politicians aren't much differnet than celebs, and that Ann Coulter (recently had her boobs done) is as outrageous as any celeb.

  3. MC - thanks, and I see you are getting your proper recognition too. USA Today, not bad.

    Agent O - political blogging on the U.S. election? You are a brave and foolhardy man. Send the link if you do.