DUI Charges as Lost Spoilers

Lost isn't back on the air until next February and already we know who's going to get killed off. Jin-Soo Kwon will be biting the dust after being the latest cast member to be arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving.

Daniel Dae Kim, who plays the reluctant Korean enforcer, was pulled over by Honolulu police and charged, following in the illustrious footsteps of his former cast-mates Michelle Rodriguez (Anna Lucia) and (Cynthia Watros Libby.)

After being busted for their own DUIs in 2005, both Anna Lucia and Libby were shot. Eko, played by Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje, was also killed off following a traffic run-in with the Hawaii 5-0. Various reasons were given for their leaving the show, but a pattern is emerging.

With a huge cast and new characters constantly being added, it's easy for producers to knock off an actor causing trouble. I'd think it would be cheaper to hire them all drivers and let them get blitzed all they like than firing them - even I can afford a cab after I've been out boozing.

But if this trend is going to continue, could someone please give Matthew Fox a case of liquor and a set of car keys? I can't take another season of Jack's smugness.


  1. OK, but what about Merry the Hobbit, I mean Charlie?

  2. Well,actually I think Anna Lucia was killed off because the character was simply very unpopular.

    Of course, the news story that got me wasn't Kim 's arrest, but the fact that Gary Collins, sometimes talk show host, sometimes actor, was pulled over for a DUI. Aside from having that squeaky clean image, the man is 69! Actors and DUI arrests are getting a bit ridiculous...

  3. Well I think Dominic Monaghan has been pulled over for his heavy foot, I don't think there was an accusation he had booze on his breath, so Charlie's death doesn't fit the pattern.

    You're likely right about Anna Lucia, Mercurie, but it's more fun to rant and post wild theories! And I know what you mean about celeb and DUIs. Why can't they be satisfied with exhaustion and cults?

  4. he's not getting killed off because of his trouble...if that was the case Sawyer and Kate wouldv'e been killed off a long time ago...the actors both had "home" issues such as a burglary and a house fire...no the reason its obvious that his character will be killed off, isn't because of trouble but for the fact that when all of the actors signed on for this in the chance that the show would be picked up, that they would all have to relocate to Hawaii and work there indefinitely...but the catch to all of this is the fact that no one knows anything ahead of time due to not letting things get out on the internet, so no one knows their characters fate and if the ball drops suddenly and they die then guess what no more paycheck.I mean yeah they may have a contract that says alot of ifs such and such happens that they will be brought back, but that doesn't keep the paycheck coming so..if you were an actor on a hit show and all of a sudden you are toast, how would you react??Yeah i'd probably get shitfaced or keep busy with something crazy, like go to an animal protest or party my face off...Just remember they've been filming the show since june.

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  6. No one on LOST has ever survived a DUI arrest. I suspect Jin's death or lack thereof will be a season long mystery, but we'll see. Honestly, I can't see a miracle survival... BUT it does fit the pattern. Just like every season has a pesky animal episode, every finale has a "Do they survive?" moment. Taking into consideration this would be Jin's second, odds aren't looking good. Not to mention, having Jin alive would sort of severe the emotional momentum for Sun.

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  7. I am not sure I agree with you, but the problem of controlling for all the relevant factors is non-trivial in research like this.

    I understand, and thus it makes the research non-definitive. As you've presented it, the 14.8% figure indicates that people change their DUI habits when penalties increase. That seems like an obvious consequence. It does not indicate that the change in DUI habits has thus saved lives. Only a drop in the aggregate (controlled for whatever variables you could account for) would indicate such.




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