The Hipsters Of Oz

The only surprise here is that somebody hadn't done this sooner. (The Hipsters of Oz by Shutterstock, via @kimfox)

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League of Extraordinary Gentlepersons 1996

I love the idea that the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen continues on throughout history, taking on different pop culture characters over the decades.

Davinder Brar, Chris Bird and Andrew Wheeler, have created the '90s version, consisting of Edward Scissorhands, Nancy Downs (The Craft), Tequila Yuen (Hard Boiled), Dana Scully (The X-Files), Zack Morris (Saved by the Bell) and Rufus (the Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure).

Far more plot details at MightyGodKing and a listing of the League members on the wall at Comics Alliance.

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Walt And The Bad Breakers

Breaking Bad is a phenomenon! Not satisfied with a meth empire, Walter White has broken into animation and now an album, produced by Heisenberg Records, featuring the hit single, The One Who Knocks.

There's so much great Breaking Bad art coming out these days, and with good reason. The show is awesome. (Joey Spiotto for Gallery 1988's Breaking Bad Art Project.)

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Breaking Bad: The Animated Series

Now the kids can watch all the fun of the meth trade! The gangs all here and look at all those cute bags of blue meth running around. You just know they are going to be trouble! (Ian Glaubinger for Gallery 1988's Breaking Bad Art Project.)

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Eddie Vs. Jason

I dunno, it really doesn't seem like a fair fight. Sure, Edward has all those blades, but you can't actually kill Jason. Maybe if if called on all his emo powers... but I doubt it. (Eddie Vs. Jason by BrickHut)

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Super Embarrassing

One of the downsides of secret identities. Why do they need secret identities anyway? (Super Embarrassing by Kerry Callen, via Comics Alliance)

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Star Wars High

What if Star Wars didn't happen a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but in the '80s, at a high school? Denis Medri's character redesigns will transport you there, where the Millenium Falcon is a classic Trans AM, Luke looks like Marty McFly's brother and Yoda is the wise coach. Awesome.

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Scooby Dooby Trek

And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for that meddling Starfleet.
Fred is a perfect choice for Kirk. (Chris Thornley, aka Raid71, for Art v. Cancer)

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