The Creation of George-Michael Bluth

One last one from Gallery 1988's Arrested Development show, There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand, this time from Casey Weldon. I really should put all these Michelangelo riffs into one post, but I'm lazy.

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Dexter's Meth Lab

I love when a show has seeped into the general pop consciousness and what comes of it - witness illustrator Arty Karpinsky's Breaking Bad/Dexter's Lab mash up. Can't wait for the new season.

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Bricking Bad: Lego Meth Lab

Bricking Bad: Lego Meth Lab

"I am the one who blocks!"

Redditor garyisyoudotcom's friend built the Breaking Bad meth lab out of Lego. So awesome. These are just four of 15 pics - click any for the full gallery. (Thanks for the tip, Nikki.)

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For A Few Credits More

I'm a sucker for space cowboys — you really don't come across many. (Annie Wu via Comics Alliance)

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And How About Your Fella Here? Vincent Vega.

The latest paper doll from Kyle Hilton. I think I'd like this one as a magnet on my fridge. I hope he does Jules next.

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We Are The Future, Bunsen, Not Them

Bunsen Honeydew: Don't give up on them, Beaker.
Beaker: What would you have me do, Bunsen? I've heard these arguments before.
Bunsen Honeydew: That was a long time ago. Mankind has evolved since then.
Beaker: Yes, into us.

(Ken Haeser via XombieDIRGE - thanks Shane!)

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The Wire: The Musical!

Experience The Wire's realistic portrayal of America’s failing drug war through the magic of song! Oh god, someone is going to make this. (Funny or Die)

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100 Years Of Paramount Pictures

Awesome poster from DKNG Studios and Gallery 1988 for Paramount's 100th anniversary. An impressive collection - and I did much better than yesterday's war movies poster.

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Boba Fett VS Road Runner

There will be a substantial reward for the one who finds the Road Runner. You are free to use any methods neccesary, but I want him alive. No disintegrations! (Evgeny Yakovlev)

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