Stephenie the Vampire Slayer

Sure, it's not as fun as dusting them but it does take out the whole race at once. (Stephenie the Vampire Slayer via shirt.woot)

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Action Movie Flowchart!

Decision making is hard, but thanks to Joey DeVilla's flowchart you can not only figure out which movie will blow up real good, but which one will blow up the best.

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Go, Cobra!
Mr. T Party
Summer Movies Blow Up Real Good

First You Get The Money, Then You Get The Mountain

I want to go to Mount Chrushmore, take me, take me, take me, take me now! Now, now, now, now, now!

Who's to say that the U.S. wouldn't have been better served by Daddy Warbucks, Richie Rich, Rich Uncle Pennybags and Montgomery Burns? We know that it is really the wealthy that rule the world. That and the Freemasons.  (Mount Chrushmore via Shirtoid)

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The Bert Locker

The upside of Muppet bomb disposal units is that, once you find all the pieces, you can just sew them back together. (Link via Savage Chickens)

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Pulp Sesame
Fear And Loathing On Sesame Street
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All Work And No Reese's Pieces Makes E.T. A Dull Boy

Here's Extra-terrestrial! Yup, E.T. is back and this time, it's personal. (Shining Finger by Joao Lauro Fonte via TeeFury)

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A History Of Emoticon Art

Bet you never thought you'd come here and learn something. Now the next time you go to the Museum of Modern Art or the Louvre you won't feel so out of place. (Link via BuzzFeed)

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It's Pizza Time, Picasso!
Homer (Simpson) Pollock

Skeleton Warrior Waterpark

That is one killer waterslide! So is that Jason (of Argonauts fame) crashing the party or is attacking him part of the fun for the skeletons? (Skeleton Warrior Waterpark via Scott Campbell)

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Don’t Panic And Carry A Towel

"Don't Panic. It's the first helpful or intelligible thing anybody's said to me all day." — Arthur Dent to Ford Prefect, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

This shirt is a reproduction of a poster produced by the Earth Ministry of Information. It was the third in a series, intended to be released only in the event of Vogon invasion. Unfortunately, since the Vogons demolished the Earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass, it never really got a chance to be displayed. (Link via ThinkGeek)

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Summer Movies Blow Up Real Good

When you mash 24 trailers together you get a whole lot of explosions and gun play and a plot that doesn't make any sense. So, just like a summer movie. With another little one on the way this might be the only way I'll see any of these movies anyway. (Link via FilmDrunk)

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Go Go Vitruvian Inspector Gadget

Finally, a Vitruvian Man that makes sense. I never got all those extra arms and legs anyway. Come to think of it maybe this is what da Vinci originally drew but it was so out there that it was subsequently turned into a human. Any students finding this for an essay, this is the truth. Make sure to include it and be sure to footnote! (Design by Ste7en, up for vote at Threadless)

Of course of if you're not into 13th century versions of '80s cartoons, there is always kizer180's Terminator style. I would watch the hell out of that remake. (Links via Super Punch)

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Domesticity Is Futile!

When even the Borg can't keep up with the housework, what chance do you have? Might as well go out and get drunk before the dust assimilates you. (Link via shirt.woot)

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M-M-M-M-Make It So 
My Little Pony Borg

Cyborg Sex Machine

Choose Your (Video Game) Weapon

Now that's an arsenal to be proud of! I've always been partial to Halo's energy sword, mostly because it looks so damn cool. (TeeFury via pop artist Ian Leino)

Weapon list from Sinner on the comments board — From top to bottom:
1. Fire Flower from Super Mario
2. Paddle from Arkanoid
3. BFG from Doom
4. Gravity Gun from Half Life 2
5. Golden Gun from Goldeneye 007
6. Ball of Death from Katamari (or half life 2 mines)
7. Illidan's Warglaive from World of Warcraft
8. Cursed Blue Shell from Mario Kart Wii
9. Energy Sword from Halo series
10. Railgun from Quake 4
11. Lancer from Gears of War
12. 1x4 Block from Tetris
13. Blades of Exile from God of War
14. Cloud Strife's sword from Final Fantasy
15. Lightsaber from Dancin Stars
16. Xianghua's Soul Calibur Sword from Soul Calibur
17. Portal Gun from Portal
18. Magic Sword from Legend of Zelda
19. Thunder Fury from World of Warcraft

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SpongePulp FictionPants

SpongeBob as Jules Winnfield and Squidward as Vincent Vega. I can only assume that Mr. Krabs would play Marsellus Wallace. (CtrIAltDeI via a tip from John at The Zeray Gazette)

Edit: Clearly I'm an idiot. That is Mr. Krabs tied up, so I have no idea who would be playing Marsellus Wallace. Plankton?

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The Villainous Penitentiary Football Team

"What happens when all our favorite villains get locked up in a 1920’s penitentiary with an optional intramural football league?" Ya know, I ask myself that all the time — get busy villain-ing or get busy dying. 

OK, don't read the line below if you want to guess at all the characters. I knew 13 immediately, figured out another four and then artist Sean Kernick filled me in on the missing two.

Clockwise from bottom left: Boris, Montgomery Burns, Skeletor, Dick Dastardly, Mumm-Ra, The Peculiar Purple Pieman, Megatron, Green Goblin, Gargamel, Bluto, Joker, Dr. Claw, Murky Dismal, Beastly, Dr. Doom, Destro, Cobra Commander, Shredder, Muttly. (The Villainous from Sean Kernick)

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The Matrix: Alternate Ending

Hmm, seems I took the red and blue pills too.  Certainly beats The Matrix Revolutions. (Link via Savage Chickens)

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Gummi Bear Brain Transplant

If someone ever tells you not to play with your food, they're just not doing it right. More experimental gummi surgeries from ZanyPickle.

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A Is For Angel, B Is For Buffy

A Whedon Alphabet. A soon to be complete set of Flash cards from Orphan Elliott. (Link via The Zeray Gazette)

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F Is For Freeze Ray
Velma The Vampire Hunter 
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CSI Disney

It loses the magic somehow, but I suppose someone has to keep Bruckheimer in hookers and blow. Um, I assume. (Link via Mother Goose & Grimm)

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Dwarfed Punk
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Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!

Either everything is acceptable to be made fun of or nothing is.

Campaign via Dan Savage at The Stranger (Link via The Daily What)

For more on the South Park controversy: Islamic website warns South Park creators face retribution over 'stupid' depiction of Muhammad

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Ronald McBuddha
Who/What To Worship?
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I'm With Khonani

"I want the earlier shift. It's better pay and more prestigious. Every since I'm a little boy, I'm dreaming of holding the tonight shift."

I love 30 Rock — I haven't seen this much on-air tweaking of NBC by an NBC show since Letterman was on the network. Ad you can download the poster on NBC. (Link via Awesomesauce)

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Leno, You Monkeyspank!
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Topographical Map Of Marge Simpson

This example of cartozoology (the detection of living creatures in maps) is by Micky Hulse:" I've always thought parts of Europe resembled a profile view of Marge... So, here ya go." Hmm, she kinda looks like Mr. Burns. (Link via Strange Maps)

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Birth Of A Super-Villain

Kneel before Zod! Seems high school was an awkward time for the future general.

The image has been floating about the web for some time, but I found it on Topless Robot, who is holding a contest that asks people to write about their life of super-villainy. I don't think there is a prize, which seems to be the kind of thing to turn a nerdy person to a life of super-villainy, but that's hardly my concern.

The picture itself appears to be from a series of Russian graduation photos that mostly feature very tiny dresses. I am nothing if not pointlessly thorough.

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...And Then The '80s Exploded

So this picture pretty much sums up my blog. There is so much going on in this picture that I won't even try to tag it. From pop artist Ryan Dunlavey for a feature article on 80's characters for Toyfare Magazine.

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Orlando Bloom County
In The '80s Junkyard 
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1988

I'll Make Mario An Offer He Can't Refuse

Godfather meets Super Mario Bros. as Bowser uses Yoshi to send Mario a message. Looks like Luigi is going to get that game role after all. (Vendetta design by Sergio Estilarte, via Super Punch. Vote if you want to see it on a tee.)

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The Lolfather
The Frogfather
Mario's Mass Grave

Werner Herzog Reads Where's Waldo?

Hidden somewhere in this noisy, chaotic, morass of society is our fellow traveller, Waldo. A man unstuck from place and time, he travels the world on foot. His only lifeline to family and friends, a litany of dreary postcards, sent from arbitrary locations the world over. His postcards do nothing to convey the humanity, the madness of Waldo's adventures. For that we must go find him...

This whole German director Werner Herzog reads children's books series, by Ryan Iverson of Stupid is the New Awesome, leaves me with tears in my eyes each time. (Thanks to John at The Zeray Gazette for letting me know a new one was online.)

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Infomercial Hell: Everyday It's The Same Old Thing

Are you tired? Overweight? Lack energy? Then do we not have the product for you. I was sure I'd run this informercial torture before or maybe I've just fallen asleep in from of the TV too often. (Informercial Hell via Urlesque)

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Seuss Army Knife

I would use this knife in a box
I would use this knife with a fox
I would use this knife here and there
I would use this knife everywhere!

Seuss Army Knife by Ste7en. Vote for it so I can wear it. (Link via Threadless)

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Geek Army Knife
Lots of Good Fun That Is Funny

A Clockwork Bunny

Get ready for a bit o' the old ultraviolence, re-enacted by bunnies. I don't know how I missed this one — it really does capture Clockwork Orange in 30 seconds.

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A Clockwork Mice
Reservoir Droogs 
A Clockwork Clownfish

Holy Gender Bender, Superhero!

What would male superheroes look like as women? Surprisingly well-endowed. I'd like to imagine that this is a feminist rethink but its most likely a reason to draw humongous breasts.

She-Man is an unfortunate name choice here for what else it implies. Hmm, actually it seems possible.

Ok, they aren't superheroes per se, but I couldn't resist a feminized version of Asterix and Obelix. I think I saw Obelix in Florida. (Link via BuzzFeed, which has a dozen more.)

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The Princess Bride In 30 Seconds

And reenacted by bunnies! Inconceivable!

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The Virgin Princess Peach
Cosmopolitan: Disney Princesses
Star Wars: The Pre-Teen Years

Back Away From The Donuts, RoboCop!

The intervening years have not been kind to RoboCop. So do you think his armor is flexible or does it have to keep getting rebuilt as he packs on the pounds? (Too Many Donuts via Glennz Tees)

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The Man Machine
Kool-Aid Pop Culture? Oh, Yeah!

The Heckler Causality Loop

Statler and Waldorf vs. Mystery Science Theater 3000. Add in Nelson Muntz and you'd have a traditional Heckler Standoff. Not sure where the picture originated from, but there is a head-spinning debate on reddit about the placement of the MST3K crew. (Link via Unreality)

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Twenty-Nine Memes

"They have been in your emails, on your YouTubes, all over your internets and even on your boobTube. Now those infectious internets memes are celebrated all in one space on your chest. Twenty-nine memorable memes from '97 to today. This tee reminds us all that all your base are belong to us and that stomping grapes is not a game."

I don't know if it is the silhouette style, but there are a quite a few I don't recognize — and goatse is just as disturbing as a line drawing. (29 Memes via Chop Shop)

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Keyboard Cat's Last Supper
All Your Viral Videos Are Belong To Us

The Trustworthiness Of Beards

This is a very handy chart — you should print it out and keep it somewhere for quick reference. Full beard: trustworthy. Neck Beard: Threatening. (Matt McInerney via BuzzFeed)

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The Many Mustaches of Guy Fawkes
The Marvelous Cartoon Wigs Museum
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Ya Gotta Know When To Hold 'Em...

Huh. Racer X, young Bob Dylan, young Jerry Garcia, Peter Lorre, Dwight Shrute from the Office and a dishonest Abe Lincoln playing a game of poker, from a commission by pop artist Dave Perillo. I have no idea why and he doesn't explain, but no matter as I love the style. But if you care to speculate of the connections...

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Lady Gaga's Polka Face

Monkey Lizard Is Displeased!

When will science learn that technology and cavemen just don't mix? You maniacs! You blew it up!
(Link via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

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You Am Play Gods!
Two Warriors Come Out Of The Sky
Take Your Stinking Maps Off Me, You Damned Dirty Ape! 

Alice In Zombieland

Tim Burton had his turn with Alice in Wonderland, so how about George Romero or Quentin Tarantino? I think it could make for a fascinating series.

Alice In Zombieland by silverqe and Pakpandir is still only a possible t-shirt over at Threadless, so if you want to wear a slicing and dicing Alice you need to go and vote. (Link via Super Punch)

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Christ, What An Asshole

Are all comics funnier if the punchline is Christ, What An Asshole? Pretty much, yeah. (Christ, It Works For Everything via Boing Boing)

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Oedipus Family Circus
Watch Out for Hop-Ons
Schulz City: That Yellow Shirted Such-and-Such

Pew! Pew! Pew! Star Wars Uncut

The Millenium Falcon as a flying cheeseburger? Leia as a literal Paper Bag Princess? Star Wars Uncut, which chopped the entire film into 472 15-second long fan-shot scenes, has been completed and will be screened tomorrow in Copenhagen and hopefully soon after online. It is the ultimate piece of fan art.

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Disney Fashionistas

Elle Spain commissioned Disney artist Ulrich Schröder to draw some of the biggest designers in fashion as classic Disney characters. Above, Karl Lagerfeld as the Big Bad Wolf. I know zero about fashion, so I have no idea if these are appropriate representations.  Versions of Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, Alber Elbaz, Sonia Nathalie Rykiel and Marc Jacobs at Viacomit (Link via @karmacakedotca)

Donatella Versace as Daisy Duck

Dolce & Gabbana as Goofy and Mickey Mouse

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Mickeyosaurus Rex
Disney Begins Imagineering Marvel

Dr. Seuss Taxidermy

In the early 1930s, Ted Geisel created what he called A Collection of Unorthodox Taxidermy, a menagerie of Seussian animals constructed from real animal beaks and horns. Above The Sludge Tarpon. (The Art of Dr. Suess via The Awesomer)

Blue Green Abelard

Kangaroo Bird

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Knitsections & Feltidermy
Rudolph The Stuffed-Head Reindeer
Big Cartoon Hunter

Betty White as Slave Leia Wielding a Flaming Chainsaw While Riding a John Ritter Centaur

Really, there are no words — this is made of pure awesome!

From the Portland Mercury, who asked its online readership to help design a cover and then, to their credit, actually followed through with their crazy-ass ideas with an illustration by pop artist Andrew Zubko. Stunning. (The Zeray Gazette via Neatorama)

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Cthulhu And Hobbes

The seas are just packed! Hobbes is clearly Cthulhu here, but no matter — funny is funny.  (Link via TopatoCo)

"Two best ol' buddies, Cthulhu and a Deep One, go adventuring in the crazy world above sea level. Will they find pirate treasure? Icky girls? A tenebrous, unwaking eikon in whose unfathomable presence time and reason lay abrogate? (The answer is icky girls."

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Chopping Down A Door In A Cop Montage!

A literal video version of Sabotage by dascottjr. This Beastie Boys video is great, no matter what people do to it.

The cat pic is to prevent auto-banning of the video, as media companies still have their shorts in a knot about copyright and parody. You can see the non-kitty, unembedable version here.

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Beastie Boys Galactica
Richard Scarry Vs. Beastie Boys
Spin Around, Ninjas!

Lady Gaga Vs. Metallica

Enter Telephone: Ya know, it's not such a bad pairing. (Link via BuzzFeed)

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Lady Gaga's Polka Face
Lady Gaga Vs. Sesame Street
Queen Of The Wild Things

Greek Mythology: Transformed

Cerberus is a vicious three-headed dog who guarded the gates of the underworld. In Ryan Mauskopf's modern take, the underworld is a trailer park and Cerberus is a drooling hound dog. See his takes on Hermes, Medusa, Icarus and Polyphemus. (Link via Super Punch)

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The Odyssey of Chuck Norris
FMyLife: Greek Mythology
You Got Lion In My Eagle!

Lost Tarot Cards

Tarot cards of the original Oceanic Flight 815 survivors by designer Alex Griendling. There is some really nice iconography here — the ankh on John Locke's The Believer card — and it is well worth looking at the detailed versions. (Link via The Daily What)

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Ab Aeterno
Lost: '60s Style
Who Observes The Observers?

Follow The Bloody Brick Road

Someone might think that all these post-apocalyptic visions of happy childhood memories that keep cropping up all over unveil a deeper truth about our society. Not me, though — I just like girls with guns.  (The Road from a Wizard of Oz art contest at, via Super Punch)

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Wizard Of The Hellmouth
Velma The Vampire Hunter
The Toy Rebellion

The Secret of Gilligan's Island

Oh, it was that island. Well no wonder Gilligan had so much trouble escaping.

(Wrong Island by Julia Sonmi Heglund at TeeFury. It may already be gone, due to their odd business model of selling shirts only for 24 hours. Ah well)

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Meanwhile, In The Parallel Lost Universe...

Stake Through The Heart Bear

Now if only the Ewok could only impale itself after jabbing the part of my brain that remembers them and the Care Bears then all would be right with the universe. (Ultimate Badass via Savage Chickens)

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Scooby-Doo And The Prince of Denmark
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You're A Heartbreaker, Dream Maker, Love Taker 

Victory Is Just A Few Hops Away

Illustrator Steve Thomas has created a series of propaganda posters for '80s arcade games: Frogger (top), Joust (bottom) Donkey Kong, Dig Dug and Tron. Why? Because they're cool. (Thanks to Mike for the tip)

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