Go Go Vitruvian Inspector Gadget

Finally, a Vitruvian Man that makes sense. I never got all those extra arms and legs anyway. Come to think of it maybe this is what da Vinci originally drew but it was so out there that it was subsequently turned into a human. Any students finding this for an essay, this is the truth. Make sure to include it and be sure to footnote! (Design by Ste7en, up for vote at Threadless)

Of course of if you're not into 13th century versions of '80s cartoons, there is always kizer180's Terminator style. I would watch the hell out of that remake. (Links via Super Punch)

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  1. cool t-shirt, but Leonardo drew the Vitruvian man in the late 15th century, not 13th

  2. Yet another reason why Popped Culture should not be used for academic research. Thank for keeping me accurate - that could be a full-time job though.