The Villainous Penitentiary Football Team

"What happens when all our favorite villains get locked up in a 1920’s penitentiary with an optional intramural football league?" Ya know, I ask myself that all the time — get busy villain-ing or get busy dying. 

OK, don't read the line below if you want to guess at all the characters. I knew 13 immediately, figured out another four and then artist Sean Kernick filled me in on the missing two.

Clockwise from bottom left: Boris, Montgomery Burns, Skeletor, Dick Dastardly, Mumm-Ra, The Peculiar Purple Pieman, Megatron, Green Goblin, Gargamel, Bluto, Joker, Dr. Claw, Murky Dismal, Beastly, Dr. Doom, Destro, Cobra Commander, Shredder, Muttly. (The Villainous from Sean Kernick)

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