Choose Your (Video Game) Weapon

Now that's an arsenal to be proud of! I've always been partial to Halo's energy sword, mostly because it looks so damn cool. (TeeFury via pop artist Ian Leino)

Weapon list from Sinner on the comments board — From top to bottom:
1. Fire Flower from Super Mario
2. Paddle from Arkanoid
3. BFG from Doom
4. Gravity Gun from Half Life 2
5. Golden Gun from Goldeneye 007
6. Ball of Death from Katamari (or half life 2 mines)
7. Illidan's Warglaive from World of Warcraft
8. Cursed Blue Shell from Mario Kart Wii
9. Energy Sword from Halo series
10. Railgun from Quake 4
11. Lancer from Gears of War
12. 1x4 Block from Tetris
13. Blades of Exile from God of War
14. Cloud Strife's sword from Final Fantasy
15. Lightsaber from Dancin Stars
16. Xianghua's Soul Calibur Sword from Soul Calibur
17. Portal Gun from Portal
18. Magic Sword from Legend of Zelda
19. Thunder Fury from World of Warcraft

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