...And Then The '80s Exploded

So this picture pretty much sums up my blog. There is so much going on in this picture that I won't even try to tag it. From pop artist Ryan Dunlavey for a feature article on 80's characters for Toyfare Magazine.

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  1. Even Boss Hogg is up there. It's like my childhood all over again.

    But seriously, I'm glad that the artist ran out of room for more figures, or else the picture may have collapsed into a pop culture black hole, sucking us into an alternate dimension. Probably the 70s. And I would look terrible in a leisure suit.

  2. I dunno, velour is pretty comfortable.

    I think you passed along one of Ryan Dunlavey's other pic once - the Adult Swim Pool Party - but I forgot about it somewhere. But I shall be returning to this well - it is deep with talent.