Birth Of A Super-Villain

Kneel before Zod! Seems high school was an awkward time for the future general.

The image has been floating about the web for some time, but I found it on Topless Robot, who is holding a contest that asks people to write about their life of super-villainy. I don't think there is a prize, which seems to be the kind of thing to turn a nerdy person to a life of super-villainy, but that's hardly my concern.

The picture itself appears to be from a series of Russian graduation photos that mostly feature very tiny dresses. I am nothing if not pointlessly thorough.

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  1. Happy: prom dresses have changed since I was in high school.

    Sad: they'd better change back before my daughter gets that age.

  2. Ambivalent: I feel for your dilemma, but as the father of one (soon two) boys, my 17-year-old self is envious.

  3. damn, I have to wonder; why was the little dude was pissed?

    Russia must have some amazing high school proms.

  4. Well, congratulations!

    I'm having another daughter in June.

  5. And to you as well - nice to see we are keeping the gender equation equal. Be interesting to see what comes of my blogging when it happens.

    Semaj - they do seem to have some great traditions, which before this golden interweb age I'd have had no idea existed.

  6. I just hope that this next one shows a little more Ferengi heritage in her appearance.

  7. So your wife is a hu-man? Is she allowed clothes?