The Marvelous Cartoon Wigs Museum

Hairstyles of the strange and cartoonish. Rodrigo Leonardo Batista Ferreira's Wig Museum is a veritable trip through 'toon history. I managed them all but two. Take a stab at it before reading the key below. (Link via Threadless)

From left to righ, top to bottom:
Olive Oyl, Tin Tin, Betty Boop and Little Lulu;
Charlie Brown, Astroboy, Obelix and Wilma Flinstone;
Smurfette, Shaggy, Josie (from Josie and the Pussycats) and He-Man;
Egon (from Ghostbusters), Lion, Calvin and Homer Simpson;
Beavis, Freakazoid, Dexter (from Dexter's Lab) and Master Shake (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force)

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  1. Ah, Obelix! I couldn't figure out who was 1959 without looking at the answers.

  2. Mine were Egon and Freakazoid. I had forgotten that Ghostbusters was a cartoon.