What Would Pac-Man Eat?

The day job is depressing me. The world economy is continuing its death spiral, a a dead man's past is being attacked and idiots are leaving their toodlers in cars to go gamble. But these video-game cupcakes are making me happy and hungry.

(Link via Toxel's 21 Unusual and Creative Cupcake Designs)

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These References Are Making Me Thirsty

I got 99 Seinfeld References and a Bro is one of them. Artist Kiersten Essenpreis has piled up a giant heap of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer ephemera and provided a reference key for those, like me, who give up too easily. (Link via Neatorama)

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Rihanna's 15 Minutes Of Unwanted Fame

Is it a statement about violence against women? Some sort of odd homage?

"I thought the bruises in the police photo were interesting shapes to draw," artist Sham told E! Online, about his Andy Warhol-esque painting of Rihanna's now infamous police photo. "And it was cool to color them pink and blue. Those are two of my favorite colors. There is no message to any of my art," he says of his work, Disturbia. "It's meant to look cool hanging on your wall and that's it! I'm not into deep meanings."

It seems unlikely that an artist would be so flippantly uncaring about using such a controversial image and perhaps wants people to make their own interpretations.

Said one commentator: "In four quick panels he condemns Chris Brown and all his enablers * particularly the entertainment media * for the free pass Brown gets. And Sham indicates (through mass production) that we shall certainly see this crime again...and again...and again."

I'd like to hope so.

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Through The Remixed Looking Glass

Pogo, of Last.fm remixed the music and images from Disney's 1951 film Alice In Wonderland to create a piece of electronic music that takes 90% of its sound from the film and yet creates something altogether unique.

It gorgeous and I can imagine Feist singing it as an electronic version of skat. I'm not doing it justice — just watch and see. It also tells me that the Disney animators were very edgy for the '50s.

(Link via Unreality's Eight Disney Remixes To Blow Your Mind)

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South Park Last Supper... You Bastards!

The only surprising thing about a South Park Last Supper parody is that it has taken them so long to do one. This scene is from Margaritaville, which as of this writing, has yet to air here in Canada, but played in the U.S. earlier this week. Kyle, the Jew, as Jesus with Cartman as his Judas? It's a perfect match, and trust me, I've seen a whole lot of versions of the Last Supper - here are 50 of them.

From Wikipedia: Kyle and his friends go out for pizza at Whistlin’ Willy’s and laments that he feels they won't be able to get together like this anymore because he thinks he is going to be killed. He says he worries that one of his friends will betray him. All of them act shocked while Cartman stands up and says that whoever betrays Kyle "is a dick" and "it's not cool!" Kyle admits to his friends while glaring accusingly at Cartman that he knows what he has to do to save everyone.

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Periodic Table of Typefaces

Periodic tables perplex me. I could never get through this chart in chemistry and even when you turn it into a table of fonts like above or video games or cartoon characters, I still feel a little lost. But I am a lapsed font junkie at heart from my days as a layout editor and this one really appealed to me.
From the designer, Cam: "As with traditional periodic tables, this table presents the subject matter grouped categorically. The Table of Typefaces groups by families and classes of typefaces: sans-serif, serif, script, blackletter, glyphic, display, grotesque, realist, didone, garalde, geometric, humanist, slab-serif and mixed."
There have been a lot of those floating around recently, with Geekologie posting so many that I thought of making my own out of Simpson characters. Then that looked like way too much work, so I was going to compile them all into one post, but the fabulous Miss Cellania beat me to it on mental_floss with 8 Alternative Periodic Tables. Yeesh, is it any wonder I had trouble memorizing the elements in high school?

Wow, with the Math Clock and this I've covered all my academic phobias today. Now I'll probably have to go to music class or play a team sport. Shudder.

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So What's The Time?

Actually, with this Math Clock, I couldn't really say for sure what time it is. It would probably make time speed up for me in the same way it did during Grade 12 math tests, where I would stare anxiously at the page hoping the answers would appear until all of a sudden time was up and I hadn't written a thing.

Better to go with the Whatever Clock. It's got the right attitude.
(Link via Odee's 10 Coolest Clocks )

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They Roared Their Terrible Roars...

The first trailer for Spike Jonze's adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are is out — with Arcade Fire's Wake Up as the backing track — and it looks great, if a little creepy. Of course that could just be me. The book always scared me a little.

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Disney's Lord of the Rings

I wonder if they have to destroy the ring in Magic Mountain? It's Merlin as Gandalf, Pinocchio as Frodo, Peter Pan as Legolas and Grumpy as Gimlee, from artist AJ interpretation of Lord of the Rings as drawn by Walt Disney. (Link via Super Punch)

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Nuke The Fridge

I know I'm hardly breaking any new ground here, but coming across this remixed trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I reminded of how really terrible that film was. Yes, 10 months later I still have a visceral reaction to a film that makes The Matrix Revolutions seem like a pretty good idea.

It's all about the fridge. Sure, there was a lot of no action and most people despise the aliens, but it was that damn fridge that did it for me. Outside of a cartoon, you just don't survive a nuclear blast hiding in a fridge, especially a blast that disintegrated the house the fridge it was in. Or emerge unharmed and smirking from said fridge, after it flew through the air landing with a thud in the desert. It was there that I realized I was watching a terrible parody, as did Jason Cooley, the maker of the above trailer.

The phrase Nuke the Fridge quickly entered the popular lexicon as a movie version of Jump the Shark. It really was that bad. (Image via New York Times)

But I hardly have suffered the worst of it. Trey Parker and Matt Stone were so scarred by what they saw they could only relive it though South Park, in one of the most disturbing and hilariously wrong scenes I've ever seen on TV:

Boldly Go Where No Bunny Has Gone Before

What the 30-second bunnies lack in timeliness they more than make up for in floppy-eared fun. Set phasers to furry for you 30-second mission to watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, re-enacted by bunnies.

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Bad Commercials Are Good For You

"Commercials make TV programs more enjoyable to watch. Even bad commercials,” says Leif Nelson, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of California, San Diego, and a co-author of Don’t Touch That Dial! Watching Commercials Leads to Greater Enjoyment of TV Programs.

The psych prof showed an episode of Taxi to students with ads and another group saw it without. The group who watched the show with the commercials rated the show much more favourably, even while stating they didn't like the ads.

We adapt quickly to pleasurable experiences, says Dr. Nelson, and our enjoyment quickly tapers off. "Each successive minute is slightly less enjoyable than the previous one," he says. So a break - even it involves a strange man hawking a yellow cloth - makes the experience novel again.

This, of course, means two things. I should periodically hit my hand with a hammer just to make everything else I am doing seem that much more pleasurable. Secondly, Dr. Nelson is Agent Smith and the Matrix is upon us.
Agent Smith: Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world? Where none suffered, where everyone would be... happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the program, entire crops were lost.

Some believed that we lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world. But I belive, that as a species, human beings define their reality though suffering and misery.
Of course some ads can be quite enjoyable, like this Bud Lite spot that bizarrely compares its customers to porn addicts. (Link via Listicles)

Related(ish) story: Nine corporate attempts at 'edgy' that failed

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Extreme Movie Makeovers

The clever film students who created Forrest Gump in a minute video have cut down the four-hour Kill Bill Vol. I & II down to 60 seconds and it still makes perfect sense. (Link via Topless Robot)

Pop Culture artist Justin Reed paints scenes from movies that didn't happen, distilling films down to their essence, such as the above scene from Pulp Fiction. (Link via JazzJazz)

And keeping with the Tarantino theme, we have six machinima movie scenes, including the Mexican standoff from Reservoir Dogs, remade using Grand Theft Auto IV. (Link from Unreality)

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There's No Such Thing As Too Much Coffee

Of course, some would disagree...

This is a song of the French band Oldelaf and Mr Dm, the video from Stephanie Marguerite and Emilie Tarascou. It could only be made by true coffee lovers. (Link via Nate Cooper)

Which reminded me of a comic I haven't read in some time, but that I will always have an affinity for: Too Much Coffee Man.

I am so going to get a coffee.

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Coffee is an elements on the Periodic Table of Awesoments

Baking Disasters: Burn Baby Burn

This is what it's like when I cook — even the Pillsbury Doughboy would Scream like Edvard Munch. From artist skorch0matik via Listicles amusing 10 Moments in the Pillsbury Doughboy’s Life.

And, in a related(ish) video, you really don't want to know why your Cheetos are so dangerously cheesy:

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Patrick Duffy Talking To A Crab

You'd think that headline would covering the peculiar randomness that is the above video, but it just scratches the surface. Why is Patrick Duffy (of Dallas fame) talking to a crab? I have no idea.

(Link via YouTube Reviewed)

The Seven Jack Nicholsons & The Enchanted Mental Hospital

Pop culture artist Dave MacDowell is a happy new find for me. MacDowell paints in the "Lowbrow/Pop Surrealism movement... focusing on Contemporary Cultural Nightmares," which thrills me to no end.

My favourite out of the dozens and dozens of his painting is The Enchanted Mental Hospital, featuring Jack Nicholson as the Seven Dwarfs. You get Jack from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Jack from The Shining, Jack from Batman and I'm not sure about the rest. I figure Jack from Five Easy Pieces and maybe Jack from Chinatown.

Anyway, I love the details: the bottle of Red Rum, the Grady girls from The Shining as twin Tinkerbells and a rat with Mickey Mouse ears.

See more at his studio, on his Flickr page and on his blog.

Ok, one more for good measure: The Samuel Jackson 5

(Link via SuperPunch, who shows me the coolest things.)

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Do Shepherds Dream of LED Sheep?

A group of shepherds from Wales outfitted their flock with LED covered vests and head out to hills with their border collies to create some art and play a game of pong. Sweet, Extreme Shepherding! It goes to show that I'm not the only one skillful time-wasting abilities.

These shepherds have also managed to update their profession, which really hasn't had much representation in pop culture. Recently we've had the gay cowboy shepherds of Brokeback Mountain and The Good Shepherd, which was neither good nor had anything to do with shepherds. Here are three of the best shepherd moments:

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex: The Sheep

Looney Tunes: A Sheep in the Deep

The Muppet Show: Rama Lama Ding Dong

(Video via Geekologie)

Where The Wild Things Are

So they really are making a movie of Maurice Sendak's classic kid lit book, Where The Wild Things Are? Seems so.

Will it terrify little children? I would have thought so, but we read this to Tristan all the time and he's 2 1/2 and has no qualms about it. I suppose if nobody has ever told you monsters are scary, you have nothing to fear.

The film is being directed by Spike Jonze and adapted by Dave Eggers, so the material is in good hands, but I never thought we'd see this on the big screen, let alone a live action version.

Here's a bit of leaked footage:

(Poster via ComingSoon)

NYC Sitcom Map: 30 Rock Via Taxi

Last time I was in New York we walked from Seinfeld down through the Jefferson's, Sex In The City, I Love Lucy, Diff'rent Strokes and the Odd Couple, ending up at 30 Rock. We then took the subway to the Cosby Show and walked back over the Brooklyn Bridge to Night Court and Spin City.

From this Dan Meth's sitcom map I'm sure I will not be seeing All In The Family, Dear John or King of Queens, which are three shows that don't grace my TV either. What a coincidence.

(Link: Dan Meth's Pop-Cultural Charts via Nick McGlynn)

Dan has followed this up with a USA Sitcom Map

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Here Be Anthropomorphic Dragons

Stormtrooper Army

Stormtroopers wanna rock and roll all nite and party every day.

From artist Bill McMullen. (Link via Get Punched)

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Jon Stewart Is The Comedian

Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense...

Nite Owl: But the country's disintegrating. What's happened to America? What's happened to the American dream?

The Comedian: It came true. You're lookin' at it. Now c'mon... let's really put these jokers through some changes.

Of course I don't think Stewart is as amoral as The Comedian. If he really was a Watchmen, I figure he'd more likely be Ozymandias, willing to do what must be done to save us all.

(Link: The Big Picture via The Adventures of Accordion Guy)

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Before Robot Chicken...

Way, way back in the 1990s, my friend Dave Craig created a comic that lampooned 80's TV, Star Wars and Star Trek, game shows and the pop culture detritus we all grew up. Ten years later the Geek Prince, Seth Green is making a fortune off the same stuff.

But now Horovitz is back (well, relaunched) and you can relive those glory days, before we knew there was money to be had. Subscribe for a twice-weekly dose of parody.

You're A Bad Man, Chris Brown

Good ol' Chris Brown, he just can't help himself, right? Who knew MAD magazine had gotten so edgy? Or that they were online. Well, not really, but I hope to see more of this.

It's funny, Peanuts hasn't had a new strip in nine years, but its cultural cache is as current as ever. Witness Charlie Brown as drawn by Frank Miller, as The Comedian from Watchmen and as Spider-Man.

It's Not Easy Being An American Psycho

Have you ever seen Christian Bale and Kermit in the same picture. No. Why? Because they are the same person/puppet!
It really is uncanny. Get dozens more at Kermit Bale.

Supervillain Super Bailout

You know times are tough when even supervillains like Lex Luthor need a government handout. Who's next, Wayne Enterprises and Stark Industries? I wonder how Scrooge McDuck, Richie Rich and Mr. Burns are faring?

Stupid, crappy economy.

Dwarfed Punk

The interweb is an odd place. Yesterday I posted a video of Miss Piggy singing a very NSFW song. The day before that is was a video of a Beatles song mashed up with LCD Soundsystem's Daft Punk Is Playing At My House.

So what all of a sudden starts showing up on all my favourite sites? A mashup of Snow White singing Harder Better Faster Stronger by none other than Daft Punk. Weird.

(Link, at least the first one, via Neatorama)

What Else Is In The Teaches Of Peaches? Huh? What?

I get an illicit thrill anytime I find my childhood touchstones acting in an adult fashion. There's something so wrong yet so right when a Muppet is acting sexually or cursing like Joe Pesci. And this Miss Piggy and Peaches mashup by waambat is so very wonderfully wrong.

Previous examples: Pulp Muppets, Kermit singing Hurt and Martin Scorsese's Sesame Street.

Check out a dozen of the Best Kids Show/Rap Mashups over at Unreality, where I found the above atrocity.

On an sort of related note, my 2 1/2 year old was walking around the house the other day, happily calling something "silly crap," and I'm so pleased he picked up his first swear word from my wife and not me!

Schulz City: That Yellow Shirted Such-and-Such

If Frank Miller drew Peanuts, happiness would be a cold, lifeless puppy. Some fine Sin City styling by ninjaink — be sure to check out the full two panels.

(Link via Super Punch, who also has some nifty links to Sin City Disney Princesses and Star Wars characters.)

Mashups Are Playing At My House

A mashup by FAROFF featuring The Beatles' Get Back, LCD Soundsystem's Daft Punk Is Playing At My House and The Kinks' You Really Got Me. A fine mix of the songs and the videos.

(Link via Media-Digest)

A Blockhead Died In New York...

One of the attendant joys of the release of the Watchemen movie has been all the pop culture parodies that have come with it. I thought I'd seen the best with the Futurama trailer and the Saturday morning cartoon, but I have come across a brilliant reworking of the graphic novel, using newspaper comic characters.

Web comic Player vs. Player has recreated the characters, portraying Popeye as Rorschach, Jon Arbuckle/Garfield as Nite Owl II, Charlie Brown as The Comedian, Dagwood as Dr. Manhattan,Dilbert as Ozymandias and Cathy as Silk Spectre II.

Be sure to read the full, five-panel series.

(Link via Super Punch)

Why Terminators Transport Naked

I mean, if you looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the early '90s, wouldn't you wander around naked too? Works for Dr. Manhattan.

Screw You, Recession!

My friends at Dose.ca are giving away 15 free iTunes tracks of new artists to watch. FREE! And by free, I mean legal downloads.

Featuring music by:
A.C. Newman
Black Kids
The Duke Spirit
Late of the Pier
Los Campesinos!
Passion Pit
Plants and Animals
Sons and Daughters
The Walkmen
White Lies
Will Currie & the Country French
You Say Party! We Say Die!
Zaki Ibrahim

Go. Go now.

Watchmen Last Supper

In the opening credits of the Watchmen, accompanied by Bob Dylan's song The Times, They Are A 'Changin', the credit sequence shows a brief history of masked heroes.

The scene that stood out for me was the party for Sally Jupiter’s retirement from The Minutemen, which is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. I love that this homage/parody has once again risen in current pop culture.

Seated left to right: Mothman, Silhouette, nurse, The Comedian (in the seat of Judas), a pregnant Silk Spectre I/Sally Jupiter as the Christ figure, her husband Laurence Schexnader, Nite Owl I, Captain Metropolis, Hooded Justice.

Be sure to check out the gallery of 50 Pop Culture Last Suppers and watch the whole opening sequence below.

Slanted & Enchanted Pavement Art

The Crevasse
From German artist Edgar Mueller

Lava Burst
From German artist Edgar Mueller

Dies Irae
From American artist Kurt Wenner
From oddee's collection of 20 Awesome 3D Pavement Illusions, where artists draw amazing images using a technique called anamorphosis to create the illusion of depth when viewed from the correct angle.

I'd love one of these illusions on my front sidewalk to stop people trying to sell me 500 feet of plastic wrap or students asking if they can paint my house.

(Link via Listicles)

The True Face Of The Watchmen

Some people have been waiting to see the Watchmen on film for more than 20 years, me, I've been waiting to see it for about two months. I think I have the better end of the deal.

I watched the Watchmen yesterday and saw a brilliantly faithful adaption of the graphic novel, with some scenes matching panels down to the smallest detail. Sure, some things were left on the cutting room floor, as would happen in any adaptation of dense source material. The pirate tale of the Black Freighter is coming out on a separate DVD, which will also include elements of Hollis Mason's tell-all book Under the Hood. The non-heros have also been excised, but at little loss.

So was it unfilmable? Hardly. Sure, back in 1987 there is no way they could have made this film, neither technically nor stylistically. It would have been like Tim Burton's Batman is to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight. Sure, it's violent, but nothing you haven't seen in Kill Bill, Sin City or Oz for that matter. And, as to the rumours that you don't see Dr. Manhattan's lower Manhattan, it's there and you can understand why he's a superhero. Oh yes, the ending also makes a hell of a lot more sense.

But hey, I'm no film cricket, so I'll the summation to my friend James Rocchi. I'll just leave you with this Saturday morning cartoon adaptation that Alan Moore should be thankful has never come to fruition.

Nice Touch For A Goth Wedding

I never realized how ridiculous the video for White Wedding is. Why exactly does a motorcycle smash through the stained glass window anyway?

Sometimes I sing under lights that are purple... Under The Bridge: Literal Video Version

From Dust Films, who also did a brilliant literal interpretation of a-ha's Take On Me.

Celebrities Of The Living Dead

Swiss graphic novelist Frédérik Peeters has illustrated over 100 famous zombies, from celebrities to politician and authors at portraitsaslivingdeads. These are my 10 favourite Hollywood zombies: (Link via JazJaz)
Zombie Paris Hilton
I love that Tinkerbell is having a good chew. She's probably waited years for that.

Zombie Britney Spears
Looks like the zombie Spears really likes the brains. Lots and lots of brains.

Zombie Angelina Jolie
Actually, zombie Jolie doesn't look that much different
than her magazine covers a couple of years ago.

Zombie Michael Jackson
Jacko looked much better as a zombie in the Thriller video.
This just looks like a typical day in court.

Zombie Tom Cruise
Some would speculate that the Cruise has been a zombie for years.

Zombie Chris Brown
Is this a zombie version of Chris Brown, or just what he looks
like after a night out with Rihanna? What, too soon?

Zombie Aaliyah
Nothing snarky here, just a creepy, creepy drawing.

Zombie Roger Moore
Having seen some recent photos of the former James Bond, he's got
about .007 seconds left in the sun before he actually looks like this.
Zombie Jayne Mansfield
"I feel like Miss Jayne Mansfield in this car!"

Zombie Buddy Holly
The day the music crawled out of the grave looking for you.

Star Trek: Smells Like Certain Death

Or failure. It also smells like failure. That would be "Red Shirt," the new Star Trek cologne from Genki. Yup, a scent based on the low-level ensigns that invariably died every time the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise beamed down to a planet.

The tagline, reports Trek Movie, is "Because Tomorrow May Never Come," which leads me to think this might be a joke. It is described as a cologne for those with a "devotion to living each day as it could be your last" and smells like green mandarin, bergamot, and lavender, with notes of leather and grey musk. Of course the kind of person who would have no such devotion, nor would they be likely actually wear cologne. I know, I've been to a to a Star Trek convention. (It was for work, honest.)

You can also boldly go with "Tiberius" or replicate a Vulcan mating ritual with "Ponn Farr." Like anyone wearing this stuff is going to be having sex.

(Link via Information Nation and Geekologie)

Cooking MC's Like A Pound Of Bacon

"I'm sorry for the hair-dos, baggy pants, the scandals, the lies, the gangs and I'm sorry about the music. I was young, manipulated and I was a puppet."

Twenty years after the fact, Vanilla Ice is apologizing for Ice Ice Baby. Why? Is it because he feels like he was a fraud? A terrible singer? Nope, because now he's old and a paid puppet for Virgin Mobile's Right Music Wrongs viral campaign.

From their "manifesto": In a world awash with the insincerity of reality pop stars and pre-fabricated, formulaic, celebrity seeking, silicone enhanced lip sync-ers, something has gone desperately and dangerously wrong with music.

Awash with insincerity? That's just a little on the nose.

What Colour Is Your Nerd?

Inspired by the Nerdist's call for Nerd Collages, I threw together my own. In retrospect there are a few things I would have added, but I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Ok, here are the nerdy details, clockwise from bottom left:
Axis & Allies board game
Douglas Coupland: Generation X
Trivial Pursuit card
iTunes card
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season One
The Cure: Three Imaginary Boys (first album, English import, vinyl)
Sudbury, Ont. snow globe
Disco Stu
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (signed by Douglas Adams!)
Philip K. Dick: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
Calvin & Hobbes: Scientific Progress Goes 'Boink'
Simpsons cast poster
Comic Book Store Guy
Toronto International Film Festival guide (from 1997, my second year of 12 years of attendance)
Bloom County: Billy and the Boingers Bootleg
Asterix and the Goths
James Bond: Goldfinger
Sydney snow globe
The Tick
Kordos (or is it Kang?)

If you make your own, post a link in the comments. I'd love to see it.

We Are Outnumbered By Machines

If there really are concerns about Christian Bale's ability to recover from his fit of epic cursing, then the new trailer for Terminator: Salvation ought to alleviate them. It looks like a piece of mind-melting, summer popcorn fun and I was thoroughly in the "Why do we need another Terminator?" camp.

And hearing Bale's raspy, angry bellowing, I can just imagine what scene that unfortunate director of photography walked through. And I don't care.

Ghostbusters Catch Gozer... Um, Jesus

Winston Zeddemore: Hey Ray. Do you believe in God?
Dr. Ray Stantz: Never met him.
Winston: Yeah, well, I do. And I love Jesus's style, you know.
Winston: Hey Ray. Do you remember something in the bible about the last days when the dead would rise from the grave?
Ray: I remember Revelations 7:12...?And I looked, and he opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake. And the sun became as black as sack cloth, and the moon became as blood."
Winston: "And the seas boiled and the skies fell."
Ray: Judgement day.
Winston: Judgement day.
Ray: Every ancient religion has its own myth about the end of the world.
Winston: Myth? Ray, has it ever occurred to you that maybe the reason we've been so busy lately is 'cause the dead HAVE been rising from the grave?

Oh, you just know this is going to be trouble. Jesus Vs. Ghostbusters, from Jon Andrew Davis, who still has some t-shirts available.

(Link via Heavy Critters)