The True Face Of The Watchmen

Some people have been waiting to see the Watchmen on film for more than 20 years, me, I've been waiting to see it for about two months. I think I have the better end of the deal.

I watched the Watchmen yesterday and saw a brilliantly faithful adaption of the graphic novel, with some scenes matching panels down to the smallest detail. Sure, some things were left on the cutting room floor, as would happen in any adaptation of dense source material. The pirate tale of the Black Freighter is coming out on a separate DVD, which will also include elements of Hollis Mason's tell-all book Under the Hood. The non-heros have also been excised, but at little loss.

So was it unfilmable? Hardly. Sure, back in 1987 there is no way they could have made this film, neither technically nor stylistically. It would have been like Tim Burton's Batman is to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight. Sure, it's violent, but nothing you haven't seen in Kill Bill, Sin City or Oz for that matter. And, as to the rumours that you don't see Dr. Manhattan's lower Manhattan, it's there and you can understand why he's a superhero. Oh yes, the ending also makes a hell of a lot more sense.

But hey, I'm no film cricket, so I'll the summation to my friend James Rocchi. I'll just leave you with this Saturday morning cartoon adaptation that Alan Moore should be thankful has never come to fruition.

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