A Blockhead Died In New York...

One of the attendant joys of the release of the Watchemen movie has been all the pop culture parodies that have come with it. I thought I'd seen the best with the Futurama trailer and the Saturday morning cartoon, but I have come across a brilliant reworking of the graphic novel, using newspaper comic characters.

Web comic Player vs. Player has recreated the characters, portraying Popeye as Rorschach, Jon Arbuckle/Garfield as Nite Owl II, Charlie Brown as The Comedian, Dagwood as Dr. Manhattan,Dilbert as Ozymandias and Cathy as Silk Spectre II.

Be sure to read the full, five-panel series.

(Link via Super Punch)


  1. Well, personally, I think Linus from Peanuts would have made the best Ozymandias (keep in mind I was never a Dilbert fan), but it's still pretty darn funny.

  2. But it needed to be a relative newcomer to the comic pantheon to be able to blow up the old guard. And really, who's been bigger than Dilbert in the past 10 years?