They Roared Their Terrible Roars...

The first trailer for Spike Jonze's adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are is out — with Arcade Fire's Wake Up as the backing track — and it looks great, if a little creepy. Of course that could just be me. The book always scared me a little.

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Where The Wild Things Are poster


  1. No no no no no. Why must we take all the good things and mess with them? Part of the book's charm is its simplicity. From that trailer I can see that Max has issues at home because his mom is divorced and now she's dating (making out at least on the couch) with some guy. Max is a daydreamer at school. He doesn't fit in, etc. Do I really need another film about hope? The book isn't about hope, it's about a kid who gets sent to his room without dinner and imagines (or does he??) a far off place. Okay, I don't know any details from the film for sure but how else are they going to drag out a 10-minute read? I know it's a Spike J film and he's uber cool but go do something original if you're so bloody creative.

  2. When I was pregnant, I bought two books that I couldn't wait to read to my baby. This was one of them.

    A ten sentence book into a two hour movie, it's gonna be interesting!

  3. I'd agree that there really isn't much need to create a full movie out of this book - what's next, Mortimer: The Motion Picture? That being said, I think a movie can work as it's own creation and need not sully the original. For example, Tristan will never know there is a live action Grinch, but he will come to love the animated version. But the book will be his first introduction.