Nuke The Fridge

I know I'm hardly breaking any new ground here, but coming across this remixed trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I reminded of how really terrible that film was. Yes, 10 months later I still have a visceral reaction to a film that makes The Matrix Revolutions seem like a pretty good idea.

It's all about the fridge. Sure, there was a lot of no action and most people despise the aliens, but it was that damn fridge that did it for me. Outside of a cartoon, you just don't survive a nuclear blast hiding in a fridge, especially a blast that disintegrated the house the fridge it was in. Or emerge unharmed and smirking from said fridge, after it flew through the air landing with a thud in the desert. It was there that I realized I was watching a terrible parody, as did Jason Cooley, the maker of the above trailer.

The phrase Nuke the Fridge quickly entered the popular lexicon as a movie version of Jump the Shark. It really was that bad. (Image via New York Times)

But I hardly have suffered the worst of it. Trey Parker and Matt Stone were so scarred by what they saw they could only relive it though South Park, in one of the most disturbing and hilariously wrong scenes I've ever seen on TV:


  1. I never noticed the pinball machine before... the particular movie it is connected with I mean... I know what the scene is referencing. It was a detail that really tied the flashback together.

  2. Oh, Howard the Duck! You know, I hadn't noticed that either, so disturbed by what I was seeing. It gave me something else to focus on that time.

  3. And there is a Willow machine behind the lawyer in the flashback as well.

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